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Company NamePrimary product areaPrimary geographical coverage 
Avon-ISIBreathing ApparatusUnited States of America (USA) 
AVS ElectronicsDetectorsItaly 
AW TechnologyDetectorsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
AWG - Max Widenmann KGAdapters/FittingsGermany 
AWG Fittings, LLCUnited States of America (USA) 
Axcom GmbHRadiosGermany 
Axis Fire ProtectionExtinguishersUnited States of America (USA) 
B. Foster & Company, Inc.VehiclesUnited States of America (USA) 
B.L. Acoustics LtdFire Suppression System AccessoriesUnited Kingdom (UK) 
B.S. Belüftungs GmbHFire Station Equipment AccessoriesGermany 
B.S. Belüftungs-GmbHFoam EquipmentGermany 
Bacharach, Inc.Co2 SystemsUnited States of America (USA) 
Bachert Kirchgässner ElektrotechnikVehiclesGermany 
Backstop USAUnited States of America (USA) 
Badger Fire Protection - a UTC Fire & Security CompanyUnited States of America (USA) 
Badges Ex CeteraUnited States of America (USA) 
BAE SystemsDetectorsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Baggio De SordiLaddersItaly 
BAI - Brescia Antincendi International SrlVehiclesItaly 
Baker's Shoes & Clothing Co.North America 
Baldwin Boxall Communications LtdFire Suppression System AccessoriesUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Ballyclare LimitedTurnout/Bunker GearUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Banqiao Fire Equipment Co., Ltd.ExtinguishersChina 
Bardic by HoneywellDetectorsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Barricade International Inc.United States of America (USA) 
Barrier Wear Inc.United States of America (USA) 
BartelsRieger Atemschutztechnik GmbH & Co. KGGermany 
Basofil Fibers LLCUnited States of America (USA) 
Bata Industrial FootwearBootsNetherlands 
Bauer Compressors Inc.United States of America (USA) 
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