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590 Burbank Street, Suite 220
United States of America (USA)

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Intelagard, a privately held company based in Colorado, was founded in 1991 by Dennis Smagac and John Breedlove. Using advanced Compressed Air Foam technology, Intelagard’s first system was designed to protect high risk properties from wildfires. Ongoing product evolution has resulted in the issuance of a number of patents now held by the company. Intelagard products have received numerous awards for innovation.

For over a decade, Intelagard has manufactured tactical, multi-purpose compressed air foam solutions for First Responders, Military, Homeland Security and Domestic Preparedness personnel, and industry. Intelagard systems are designed for multi-hazard response. The same unit can be used for vapor suppression on Monday, to decontaminate a lab on Tuesday, and for fire suppression on Wednesday by simply changing the formulation as appropriate.

The patented Intelagard technology produces a unique foam bubble structure that adheres even to glass and inverted metal surfaces. Economical, and easy to operate and maintain, all Intelagard systems use commercially available foams and bio-remediation agents. Versatile and dependable, the Intelagard family of products provides cost-efficient and powerful emergency response solutions.

For proven decontamination capabilities, fire suppression, vapor suppression, hazardous material containment and cleanup, and industrial spill remediation, Intelagard has a system to fit your needs.

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Intelagard, Inc. Products

Intelagard DORMS - Decontamination ResponseIntelagard DORMS - Decontamination Response
An important part of Intelagard’s comprehensive CBRN solution package is the field tested Decontamination Optimization Response Management System (DORMS™), a geographic informat...
Intelagard SwiftCAF ATV All Terrain Vehicle SystemIntelagard SwiftCAF ATV All Terrain Vehicle System
All Terrain Vehicle System. Small to medium scale CAFS system designed for mounting on to a variety of platforms including ATVs, trucks, trailers and similar portable devices. Designed fro ...
Intelagard SwiftCAFIntelagard SwiftCAF
Can be added to any brush or pumper truck. Compact size: 11 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches. Lightweight. Self-contained energy source. May be used with all classes of fire suppression foams, HAZMAT rem...
Intelagard MerlinIntelagard Merlin
Portable, self-contained CAF System. Optimizes performance of standard fire fighting foams, hazmat remediation agents & powerful decontamination foam formulations. Rapid deployment capa...
Intelagard MacawIntelagard Macaw
CAFS backpack. Applications include: fire suppression, exposure protection, hazardous materials clean-up and decontamination. Multiples the 5 gallons (18.9 L) of carried water into up to 35...