FireVu Multi-Detector early warning visual detection device for smoke, heat and flame

Product Profile

FireVu is a complete solution which can be used in a wide array of challenging environments for a variety of applications, unlike some other detection methods:

  • Aspirating smoke detectors and beam detectors can only be used indoors and struggle with large voluminous areas as they rely on smoke reaching the beam or pipes. Historically they have issues with dusty, dirty environments triggering false alarms or going into a trouble/fault state as filters become blocked, resulting in frequent extra maintenance
  • Thermal imaging cameras are often prohibitively expensive and unless accompanied by an additional CCTV image provide little or no situational awareness, preventing the end user or system operator from being able to identify the true nature of the risk and adopt the most appropriate course of action.
  • Triple IR detectors have a limited range, the greatest of which is listed at 65m.
  • A complete lack of any visual ouput means that any alarm received cannot be verified, with end users or fire authorities unable to assess the situation prior to attendance. Field experience has shown that this technology is susceptible to false triggers as a result of direct sunlight, either if used externally or from nearby entrances when deployed internally.

FireVu solves this situational awareness issue through full visual verification, courtesy of the real-time video stream:

  • Draws attention to exactly what triggered the alarm and where in the field of view it is through the use of coloured boxes.
  • Lets you immediately know the size and scale of the fire so appropriate action can be taken. From allowing someone to tackle it with a fire extinguisher to immediately evacuating the building.
  • Provides footage of the incident which will allow for post-event analysis to help determine the cause of the fire. This means processes can be improved and the site made safer in order to ensure there’s no repeat incident.
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Technical Specification

Make FireVu
Manufacturer FireVu
Model code Multi-Detector
Additional info
  • Colour and intensity based flame detection analytic results in high detection rate and minimised false triggers.
  • Secure video alarm transmission enables visual verification of incidents and enhanced situational awareness.
  • Video verification of alarms achieved through Dedicated Micros Enterprise Observer video.
  • Events are logged and associated footage indexed for fast retrieval.
  • Capable of operating two separate sets of detection parameters for different periods to accommodate changes in operational process.
  • Full forensic analysis of recorded footage can be performed remotely over secure internet link to analyse source.
  • Dynamic masking capabilities allow specific conditions to be excluded whist remaining monitored at all other times.
  • Detection both indoor and outdoor, within the field of view of the detector.
  • Internal recording allows event review and analysis
  • Built in Thermopile module detecting heat anywhere within the detection footprint. 
  • Alarm handling via on-board relays.
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