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When the job calls for premium quality fire specialty equipment, outstanding service and exceptional value, today's fire industry professionals specify Kochek. That's because over the years Kochek has built a solid reputation for reliable, quality American manufacturing with concern for protecting both people and their environment.

Kochek’s specialty fire equipment is the product of talented craftsmen using state-of-the-art equipment. They’re committed to meeting the latest challenges of the industry, as well as every need of their customers.

To ensure superior performance on the job, Kochek uses high strength, lightweight aluminum materials expertly designed to be free of porosity. Our advanced powder coat finishes include K-Coat for easily identified color, K-Brite, a polished aluminum finish, and K-Chrome. And no part is complete until we laser engrave each customer’s name and logo.

To ensure the environment’s best interest, Kochek uses only recyclable materials in manufacturing. We also operate CNC machines which require no cutting oil. Because Kochek hose and other products are preferred in environmental recovery operations, we continually strive to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

And to ensure our customer’s best value, Kochek supplies products of the highest quality with service of the highest caliber. On-time delivery and personal response are standard features of Kochek’s attentive customer service.
Already the nation’s largest manufacturer of PVC lightweight suction hose, Kochek is uniquely positioned to bring you advanced, flexible choices in specialty fire equipment. Please call your Kochek representative for more information about these exceptional products made for you in America.

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Kochek Co., Inc. news

Kochek Unveils All-In-One HiRise Kit To Combat Fire Outbreaks In Hotels And High-Rise Buildings

Kochek Company, LLC has introduced its new HiRise Kit, carefully designed to carry the basic tools and adapters needed to combat fire in hotel and high-rise buildings. Developed in response to requests from first responders for a convenient, grab-and-go bag, each Kochek HiRise Kit contains two spanner wrenches, one line-pressure gauge, one 09k valve, and one 2.5” elbow. Kochek HiRise Kit Kochek's HiRise Kit bag is constructed of heavy reinforced vinyl with a double heavy-duty waterproof reinforced bottom and measures 18"L x 12"D x 18"H. Extra wide nylon handle straps have a snap button closure which allows quick access even while wearing gloves. Its 288 cubic inch interior provides ample space for additional items such as wedges, adapters, door stops, door straps, rope, and tools. When fully packed with the included items, the Kochek HiRise Kit Bag weighs 16.25 lb. Efficient decontamination and cleaning Tool divider inserts attach with Velcro for easy removal to facilitate decontamination and cleaning. The bags are black and feature sewn-on reflectors for enhanced visibility. Reference new part number HIRISEKIT25-01-NH52.

Kochek Releases White Papers Based On Its Multiple Brands Of Fire Hose, Strainers And Elbows

Kochek Company, LLC has posted on its website white papers detailing the latest independent flow test results of multiple brands of fire hose, strainers and elbows. Conducted by GBW Associates, LLC and Water Supply Innovations, LLC, test conditions were closely monitored for consistency and elimination of variables. Kochek lightweight suction hose was used as a constant in each testing category. Kochek's low level, ice, floating, box, and barrel strainers and 90° suction elbows performed at or near the top of all test subjects. Description of each test's flow speed, motor speed, and vacuum readings as well as official summaries of independent test findings may be found at Kochek’s website. Water Flow Products The latest flow testing data support fire professionals' observations of Kochek's rugged construction, reliable performance, and versatility in the field. Kochek strainers are compact and constructed of lightweight aluminum yet are durable to withstand harsh weather conditions while delivering maximum water flow. They come in sizes from 1.5” to 6” and are available in NH, Storz Camlock, connection styles. Kochek produces a full line of top performance water flow products manufactured from high quality materials engineered to exacting specifications. All Kochek products are covered by a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Kochek’s Strainer Draws Water Down To Lowest Levels From Flooded Basements And Rooms

Kochek Company, LLC has introduced a new strainer that efficiently collects virtually all standing water from flooded basements and rooms, saving operators time and expediting property salvage. This latest product from Kochek, Putnam-based manufacturers of quality fire equipment and water movement products, is made of high-strength lightweight aluminum alloy and features a unique screen specifically designed to hold nearly flat against any floor. When placed at low spots near a sump or over a drain, Kochek's basement strainer draws water down to levels so low, simple air drying or light mopping can remove any remaining liquid. Kochek's new basement strainers are available with camlock, long-handle swivel female NH threaded, and storz connections in 2.5", 3", and 4" hose sizes. All Kochek products are covered by a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects.