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When the job calls for premium quality fire specialty equipment, outstanding service and exceptional value, today's fire industry professionals specify Kochek. That's because over the years Kochek has built a solid reputation for reliable, quality American manufacturing with concern for protecting both people and their environment.

Kochek’s specialty fire equipment is the product of talented craftsmen using state-of-the-art equipment. They’re committed to meeting the latest challenges of the industry, as well as every need of their customers.

To ensure superior performance on the job, Kochek uses high strength, lightweight aluminum materials expertly designed to be free of porosity. Our advanced powder coat finishes include K-Coat for easily identified color, K-Brite, a polished aluminum finish, and K-Chrome. And no part is complete until we laser engrave each customer’s name and logo.

To ensure the environment’s best interest, Kochek uses only recyclable materials in manufacturing. We also operate CNC machines which require no cutting oil. Because Kochek hose and other products are preferred in environmental recovery operations, we continually strive to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

And to ensure our customer’s best value, Kochek supplies products of the highest quality with service of the highest caliber. On-time delivery and personal response are standard features of Kochek’s attentive customer service.
Already the nation’s largest manufacturer of PVC lightweight suction hose, Kochek is uniquely positioned to bring you advanced, flexible choices in specialty fire equipment. Please call your Kochek representative for more information about these exceptional products made for you in America.

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Kochek SFDCEB44N elbow capKochek SFDCEB44N elbow cap
Kochek SFDCEB44N is a female rigid 30 degree elbow cap. ...
Kochek FGS253 carbon steel flangeKochek FGS253 carbon steel flange
Kochek FGS253 is a carbon steel flange. ...
Kochek FGS23 carbon steel flangeKochek FGS23 carbon steel flange
Kochek FGS23 is a carbon steel flange. ...
Kochek FGS2525 carbon steel flangeKochek FGS2525 carbon steel flange
Kochek FGS2525 is a carbon steel flange. ...
Kochek FGS225 carbon steel flangeKochek FGS225 carbon steel flange
Kochek FGS225 is a carbon steel flange. ...