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When the job calls for premium quality fire specialty equipment, outstanding service and exceptional value, today's fire industry professionals specify Kochek. That's because over the years Kochek has built a solid reputation for reliable, quality American manufacturing with concern for protecting both people and their environment.

Kochek’s specialty fire equipment is the product of talented craftsmen using state-of-the-art equipment. They’re committed to meeting the latest challenges of the industry, as well as every need of their customers.

To ensure superior performance on the job, Kochek uses high strength, lightweight aluminum materials expertly designed to be free of porosity. Our advanced powder coat finishes include K-Coat for easily identified color, K-Brite, a polished aluminum finish, and K-Chrome. And no part is complete until we laser engrave each customer’s name and logo.

To ensure the environment’s best interest, Kochek uses only recyclable materials in manufacturing. We also operate CNC machines which require no cutting oil. Because Kochek hose and other products are preferred in environmental recovery operations, we continually strive to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

And to ensure our customer’s best value, Kochek supplies products of the highest quality with service of the highest caliber. On-time delivery and personal response are standard features of Kochek’s attentive customer service.
Already the nation’s largest manufacturer of PVC lightweight suction hose, Kochek is uniquely positioned to bring you advanced, flexible choices in specialty fire equipment. Please call your Kochek representative for more information about these exceptional products made for you in America.

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Kochek Co., Inc. news

Kochek offers extensive line of big water strainers for maximum flow applications

Kochek's strainers are constructed of lightweight aluminum durable to withstand harsh weather conditions Kochek Company of Connecticut, manufacturers of high quality water flow products and fire connections, offers an extensive line of big water strainers ideal for maximum flow applications in the firefighting, power, irrigation, facilities and industrial fire protection markets. Company marketing director David Matthews said Kochek customers have recognized the brand as a trusted leader in the manufacture of big water movement products for over two and half decades, providing high quality ice strainers, self-leveling floating strainers, barrel strainers, low-level strainers, and barrel bottom guard strainers in 6-inch sizes recommended for pumps of 1500 to 2000 gpm capacity. Kochek's strainers are compact and constructed of lightweight aluminum yet are durable to withstand harsh weather conditions while delivering maximum water flow. They come in sizes from 1 ½” to 6” and many are available with Kochek's exclusive Quantum™ anodized hardcoat in a range of colors. Available in threaded, storz and camlock connections. 

Kochek introduces new lightweight booster hose for forestry applications

Kochek's booster hose is available with full flow expansion rings coupling or its lightweight re-attachable coupling Kochek Co. has introduced its new lightweight kink resistant one inch booster hose, available in red or green, designed for industrial, forestry and wildfire firefighting. The hose is constructed of a single jacket of 100 percent high tensile strength virgin polyester yarns that maintains a lightweight and compact profile. The hose is available with either Kochek’s exclusive low profile full flow expansion rings coupling or its lightweight re-attachable coupling. The smooth thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) lining ensures the minimum friction for maximum flow. It is highly resistant to ozone, abrasion, and has good resistance to oil and grease. The new hose offers outstanding low temperature performance and excellent mechanical properties. The hose is also available with field replaceable couplings For more than 24 years Kochek Company has manufactured the highest quality American-made specialty fire equipment for today’s fire industry. Based in Putnam, Connecticut, Kochek is the nation’s largest manufacturer of PVC light-weight suction hose and a wide variety of strainers, dry hydrants, elbows, adapters, caps, plugs, and valves. For more information, contact Kochek at 800-420-4673 or visit the company Web site at www.kochek.com

Kochek Company introduces Micralox for its firefighting connectors

Micralox coating protects against chemical corrosion and has high abrasion resistance Kochek Company is introducing a new Micralox coating for its line of firefighting connectors. Exclusive to Kochek for the fire fighting industry, Micralox is a patented micro-crystalline anodizing process that produces a long lasting, virtually indestructible surface. Micralox provides superior chemical corrosion and high abrasion resistance. Ideal for use in harsh environments like costal areas and marine applications where salt corrosion is a concern or industrial plants, Kochek's Micralox extends the life of aluminum parts up to 10 times compared to conventional aluminum anodic coatings. This new micro-crystalline anodizing process solves coating and corrosion problems, having withstood 15,000 hours of salt spray with no pitting. The micro-crystalline forms an effective barrier layer enhancing chemical stability to more effectively resists chemical corrosion, provides a uniformity of coating, and is resistant to discoloration. Micralox is available in a wide variety of colors. Kochek also offers the Sanford Quantum Hardcoat Color and Natural coating options. Both offer a high quality, durable hard coat considered to be the finest hard anodize process in the world. The Quantum Hardcoat Quantum Color features vibrant anodized color for color coding fire fighting equipment.