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Husky Portable Containment Overview:

We manufacture firefighting equipment and environmental primary and secondary containment. With countless years of experience in the portable water tank and primary/secondary containment industry, including 20 years of designing products, Husky has the knowledge and technology to custom design and manufacture products to our customer’s specifications. 

Husky Portable Containment manufactures and designs firefighting & environmental products. With countless years of experience in the portable water tank and  primary/secondary containment industry, including 20 years of designing products, Husky has the knowledge and technology to custom design and manufacture products to our customer’s specifications. We offer steel & aluminum folding frame tanks in many different sizes, material options (vinyl’s & our exclusive EXLON ™) and color options.  We can design a tank to fit your needs, there is never a custom charge, we base pricing on the gallons.  Our exclusive “Easy Lift Handles” (patent pending-published on 06/10/2010) are installed on all Husky liners (standard) making Husky’s portable frame tank the easiest and quickest to fold and permits easy removal of any standing water.  Husky also designed a “Pinch Free Frame” with safety in mind for the firefighters.  No more pinching of your hands or fingers in the folding areas of the tank.  There are no bulky add-on piece to get in the way.  Firefighter tested and approved!  Husky also invented the quick release drain sleeve.  No more rope to fight with and no more sleeves coming loose and losing your water supply.  We offer a 10 year warranty on all welds and welded seams!  Husky continues to set the bar for the folding frame tank and related industry.  Our Design Teams efforts towards new innovations in the water shuttle arena of products is ongoing and never ending.  We listen to our customers bringing forth the easiest to use, most durable and safest products on the market today!

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Quality and customer satisfaction is always our number one concern. Whether you need a custom application, a new product, or one of our standard products, Husky’s quality and service is what you would expect from a leading manufacturer.

  • Products
  • Folding frame tanks (steel & alum) (double fold option available)
  • Self supporting tanks (high side & low side)
  • Hose stands
  • Replacement liners
  • Ground covers & top covers
  • Salvage covers & hall runners
  • Hosebed covers & crosslay covers
  • Floating strainers
  • Low level strainers
  • Staging mats, SCBA tarps, RIT tarps
  • Portable tank rack
  • Supply line brackets
  • Drain clamps
  • De-con pools
  • Drain connectors

Husky Portable Containment news

Husky Portable Containment Receives Second Patent For The Portable Liquid Storage Tank With Floor-Mounted Handles

One of Husky Portable Containment’s core products is the folding frame tanks and they are proud to announce they have received the second patent for the Portable Liquid Storage Tank with floor-mounted handles. Patent No. 10,518,967, Dec 31st 2019, along with Patent No. 8,746,478, June 10th 2014, provides them with complete protection on their revolutionary invention, ‘Easy Lift Handles’. Tear down procedures These handles are dielectrically welded to the folding frame tank liners and provide firefighters with the ability to remove standing water during tear down procedures and they also help fold their tanks with ease by having center-mounted handles in a zig-zag pattern. Firefighters from all over the country have had an initial response saying, “Why hasn’t someone thought of this years ago?” Husky’s design team puts in tremendous efforts in designing new products and new features for the current product line Husky’s design team puts in tremendous efforts in designing new products and new features for the current product line. Standard folding frame tanks over the last 50 plus years have had a fabric chute or drain sleeve that was tied to the top rail of the frame. This would be untied to release the drain sleeve and in turn, drain the tank. Stainless steel buckle system Unfortunately, these could unintentionally come undone and release all the water in the tank during the firefighting process. Not good. Husky changed that back in 2007 with a quick-release drain that has a heavy-duty webbing and stainless steel buckle system that clips to the inside of the liner. The drain sleeve actually drapes over the top rail of the frame virtually eliminating any issues and releases the drain sleeve with one push of the buckle. In 2013 they went a step further and invented the Quick Dump drain system. This is a drop-down framed door that is incorporated into the sidewall of the tank’s frame and liner. Release the two d-rings and latch and the door slowly drops down draining the tank in a fraction of the time. This option has become very popular. They received Patent No. 8,733,579 for this invention on May 27th 2014.

Husky Helps Local Garden Donating Water Storage Tank

One of Husky's tanks helped save a garden from draught Husky's portable Folding Frame Tanks are most commonly used to store water for fire-fighting purposes. This last summer, however, one of their tanks helped save a garden from drought. Bartlesville First United Methodist Church had tough time keeping their "Garden of Eatin'" Community Garden alive last summer. There wasn't enough rain to keep the plants alive, and they had no way to transport and store water. Husky joined with several local business to help.      

DASH CF Custom Apparatus Unveiled By Pierce At FDIC 2011

Pierce Manufacturing unveiled the revolutionary cab forward Dash CF custom apparatus at FDIC 2011 There are two Dash CF pumpers on display. Both vehicles feature a 450 hp engine, 70-inch cab with raised roof and an overall height of 9-feet 9-inches. Pierce Manufacturing, an Oshkosh Corporation company, unveiled the all-new Dash CF custom Apparatus at the opening of the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, Ind. The Dash CF features an innovative tilting cab-forward design that repositions the engine rearward and down low between the frame rails, resulting in a wide-open interior configuration. Two Dash CF apparatus were flanked by seven additional Pierce vehicles inside Lucas Oil Stadium in booth #8805/9902. "The Dash CF is designed to meet the situation readiness needs of firefighters: it is, in effect, built around the firefighters and not around the power train and fire pump," said Jim Johnson, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president, Fire & Emergency. "Every component of its cab forward design is engineered to help firefighters prepare for any emergency and respond with confidence. We are proud to showcase its many advantages to FDIC visitors, along with a full range of Pierce aerials, pumpers and rescue vehicles." There are two Dash CF pumpers on display. Both vehicles feature a 450 hp engine, 70-inch cab with raised roof and an overall height of 9-feet 9-inches. Each apparatus also features a 177-inch aluminum body, PUC 1500 gpm pump, 500-gallon water tank, Command Zone advanced electronics and single point service access. The Dash CF is is designed in a way so that firefighters can respond to incidents with greater efficiency Other vehicles on display include a first-of-its-kind aluminum rear mount PUC aerial platform, shown courtesy of the Sister Bay Fire Department in Wisc., that features the innovative Pierce Ultimate Configuration, 1500-gpm single stage pump, pump and roll with two-step shift technology, and a short-jack spread of 12-ft 3-inches. The unit also features a Velocity 70-inch cab with 10-inch raised roof, TAK-4 independent front suspension and side roll protection. In addition, a Quantum pumper, shown courtesy of the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, Calif., features an overall height of 9-feet 10-inches, a 152-inch aluminum body and an overall length less that 32-feet. The vehicle is built with a 700-gallon "New York style" water tank, 1500-gpm single stage pump, Husky 3 foam system, and stainless steel plumbing. An Arrow XT Heavy Duty Ladder, shown courtesy of the Stoughton Fire Department of Mass., features a 105-ft aerial device, 10-inch raised roof cab, front and side roll protection systems, blue LED rope lighting on all ladder sections, an aerial collision avoidance system and a 500-lb dry tip load capacity. The Saber pumper on display features an extended cab with 12-inch raised roof, 6-person seating capacity and an overall height of 9-ft 6-inches. The vehicle features a 1,000-gallon water tank, 1250-gpm single stage pump, foam system with 30-gallon foam cell, aluminum body with roll-up doors and standard NFPA ground ladder storage. A Responder pumper, built on a Freightliner chassis and with an overall height of 10-feet, is also on display. This vehicle features an extended cab with side storage compartments, 3-person seating capacity (with a Pierce exclusive center third seat), 1,000-gallon water tank, stainless steel plumbing, and a Command Zone advanced electronics system. Also on display is a 75-foot heavy-duty aluminum ladder built on the Impel chassis. This apparatus features a 70-inch cab length, seating for six firefighters, and a frontal air bag and side roll protection system to enhance safety. The vehicle is equipped with TAK-4 independent front suspension, Command Zone advanced electronics and 101-feet of ground ladder storage. A non-walk-in heavy-duty rescue vehicle, shown courtesy of the Hillcrest Fire Department in NC, is on display as well. This rescue is built on a Velocity chassis with a 220-inch wheelbase, seating for six firefighters and both front impact and side roll protection systems. The 20.5-foot aluminum rescue body features four roof storage compartments, a roof light tower, electric awning, 40 kW 3-phase PTO-driven generator, complete breathing air system and a wide assortment of shelves, utility trays, and tool boards. Other Pierce vehicles on display at FDIC include a Peterbilt pumper in booth #9902 and a Freightliner pumper in booth 4120. Finally, the Oshkosh Foundation is sponsoring a "signature wall" within the Pierce booth. For every signature collected at FDIC, the Oshkosh Foundation will donate $1 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) up to a total $10,000.