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Holmatro Rescue Equipment B.V.

Holmatro Rescue Equipment B.V.
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About Holmatro

Holmatro Rescue Equipment develops, manufactures, sells and services high-pressure hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical rescue equipment. With a comprehensive dealer network on all continents, three manufacturing plants in the Netherlands (head office), USA and Poland, and a representative office in China we supply our products and services to fire and rescue organizations all over the world.

Mastering power is at the heart of Holmatro's vision. Common to all our products is the basic premise that only harnessed power can be put to use effectively. Holmatro rescue tools allow rescuers to apply the high forces generated by the equipment in a practical, controlled and safe way.

By developing innovative, reliable, high-quality rescue equipment Holmatro tries to contribute to the daily successes of rescuers in performing their critical, life-saving tasks.

Extrication Systems
Hose Reels
Air Bags
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