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Holmatro Rescue Equipment develops, manufactures, sells and services high-pressure hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical rescue equipment. With a comprehensive dealer network on all continents, three manufacturing plants in the Netherlands (head office), USA and Poland, and a representative office in China we supply our products and services to fire and rescue organizations all over the world.

Mastering power is at the heart of Holmatro's vision. Common to all our products is the basic premise that only harnessed power can be put to use effectively. Holmatro rescue tools allow rescuers to apply the high forces generated by the equipment in a practical, controlled and safe way.

By developing innovative, reliable, high-quality rescue equipment Holmatro tries to contribute to the daily successes of rescuers in performing their critical, life-saving tasks.

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Holmatro Rescue Equipment B.V. news

Holmatro introduces updated EVO 3 cordless rescue tools for optimal performance

Holmatro EVO 3 tools are designed to offer the rescuer ultimate freedom, while optimising performance and speed Under the name of EVO 3, Holmatro launches its next generation of cordless rescue tools. The full range consists of battery-powered cutters, spreaders, combi tools and (telescopic) rams. Compared to the previous range the new EVO 3 tools offer much more speed when it counts, i.e. when placed under high loads. Combined with the exact same forces as found in Holmatro CORE Technology hose tools this leads to an optimal performance on new car construction. Optimised performance and speed On the outside Holmatro EVO 3 tools look the same as their predecessors. However, on the inside a lot has changed to optimise performance and speed. Features include new brushless motor, which is powerful, energy efficient, and specifically built for the application; a direct-drive pump, meaning no gear transmission between motor and pump, or mechanical energy loss; Electronic Speed Control (ESC), which keeps tool speed at a constant maximum, even at high loads or when the battery voltage drops.  A sealed circuit board cast in resin means tha tthe electronics inside the tool are fully protected against moisture and dust. This is on top of the tools' IP 54 protection rate against dust and splashing water.  Easy operation design features Like their predecessors, Holmatro EVO 3 tools are designed to offer the rescuer ultimate freedom. Their inline control handle with 360° access, centrally located at the back of the tool, enables easy operation in any position. And the battery on top of the drive unit is always within reach, even when space is limited.

INTERSCHUTZ 2015 opens with more than 1,500 exhibitors from 51 countries

Once again, the number of exhibitors from abroad will exceed the number of German exhibitors From 8 to 13 June, everyone who plays in role in the world of fire prevention, disaster relief, rescue and safety & security will be meeting up at INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover, Germany. Some 1,500 exhibitors, including around 800 from 51 countries apart from Germany, will be showcasing their products and services to visitors from around the world. “In partnership with the German Fire Protection Association (vfdb), the German Fire Service Association (DFV) and the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), we will be offering what must be the world’s most comprehensive mix of commercial and non-commercial exhibitors,” explains Dr. Jochen Köckler, the member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe in charge of INTERSCHUTZ. “This unique mix provides the foundation for an INTERSCHUTZ that is shaping up to be both a pace-setting high-tech show and an unforgettable get-together for everyone involved in fire prevention and rescue work. We will be seeing the latest trends in security and safety technology in Hannover, including fourth industrial revolution concepts with self-optimisation and self-configuration solutions that enable ever more complex tasks to be performed, such as those needed to safeguard critical infrastructure. The unique program also features exciting competitions, presentations that are both impressive and informative, and highly interesting symposia, conferences and sector-specific hubs.” Fire services ready and willing to invest The German Engineering Federation (VDMA), which represents some 30 leading companies in the fire protection technology sector with a total of some 4,000 employees, expects INTERSCHUTZ – which is held every five years as the sector’s flagship fair – to give the industry a significant boost. “The joint decision to stage the fair in Hannover in the coming decade was a smart move,” said Dr. Bernd Scherer, Managing Director of VDMA. “Nowhere else offers a comparable infrastructure.” The slogan “Destination: future!” is significant for the industry association in two respects, with fire services in Germany having shown a huge willingness to invest during the current financial year. “Overall we’re expecting a further increase of six percent in 2015,” predicts Scherer. “The overall mood is positive throughout the industry.” The healthy development in the export markets seen over the past year, particularly in South East Europe and parts of East Asia, is also set to continue. INTERSCHUTZ as a global magnet The fact that, for example, the export quota among vehicle manufacturers represented by VDMA has recently increased to around a third of the production volume is reflected by the high level of interest that INTERSCHUTZ 2015 is attracting worldwide as a marketing platform for safety and security technology. Once again, the number of exhibitors from abroad will exceed the number of German exhibitors, impressively underlining the great international importance of INTERSCHUTZ. China will be the most strongly represented this year, while Italy, France and Poland will be sharing their expertise at the Partner Country Days, which are debuting in 2015. The USA, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic and Turkey will also be strongly represented at INTERSCHUTZ and, along with the other nations, will help make INTERSCHUTZ 2015 the biggest and most international yet. Unique array of topics fully addressed thanks to huge showgrounds and dedicated knowledge-sharing platforms With a total area of over 106,000 square meters, INTERSCHUTZ 2015 covers all aspects that are relevant to the four key themes of INTERSCHUTZ 2015: fire prevention, disaster relief, rescue and safety & security. INTERSCHUTZ is not only characterised by its huge exhibition grounds, but also be numerous ways of picking up valuable know-how. To give just a few examples: the two-day 17th edition of the Hannoversche Notfallsymposium, which is organised by the Johanniter Academy Training Institute in Hannover in collaboration with the Hannover Medical School (MHH), offers a varied and interesting program featuring practice-based workshops. The international forum CRI!SE is dedicated to the key topic Critical Infrastructure, with the new sector-specific hubs Preventive Fire Protection, Safety & Security with CRI!SE and Rescue & Disaster Relief enabling visitors to talk directly to key players in the sectors and to gather information first hand. Spectacular supporting program offers information and excitement for visitors “The spectacular demonstrations in the halls and on the INTERSCHUTZ open-air and demonstration sites in parallel with contests for coveted awards such as Toughest Firefighter Alive and Best Rope Rescuer create a fascinating program to put professionals and interested visitors in close touch,” added Köckler. “We work with our partners to achieve the right balance of business, information and communication – not least because fascination can lead to valuable support for the demanding work undertaken by rescuers.” INTERSCHUTZ will also host the presentation of the Hans Dietrich Genscher Award, which honours individuals for their exceptional contributions to saving lives. In cooperation with the Hannover Tramway Museum and the Holmatro Rescue Experience, the Vintage Fire Engine Show – an exciting mix of competition and entertainment in which 29 rescue teams from 16 countries demonstrate their skills in realistic vehicle rescue scenarios – will also help make INTERSCHUTZ 2015 an unforgettable experience for all concerned. Deutsche Messe AG With revenue of 280 million euros (2014), Deutsche Messe AG ranks among the world’s ten largest trade fair companies and operates the world’s largest exhibition center. In 2014, Deutsche Messe planned and staged 134 trade fairs and congresses around the world – events which hosted a total of over 41,000 exhibitors and some 3.6 million visitors. The company’s event portfolio includes such world-leading trade fairs as CeBIT (IT and telecommunications), HANNOVER MESSE (industrial technology), BIOTECHNICA (biotechnology), CeMAT (intralogistics), didacta (education), DOMOTEX (floor coverings), INTERSCHUTZ (fire prevention and rescue), and LIGNA (wood processing and forestry). With approx. 1,200 employees and a network of 66 representatives, subsidiaries and branch offices, Deutsche Messe is present in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Holamtro launches new 5000 series spreaders

The most important factor in the development of this series was weight reduction Lighter than ever and no concessions on performance: Holmatro introduces its new 5000 series spreaders. The most important factor in the development of this series was weight reduction, without compromising spreading force and spreading distance. This has been achieved through a combination of new materials, component integration and innovative design. The result? Five new spreaders with an outstanding performance-to-weight ratio, that significantly reduces the physical burden on the operator. Two models are also available with Greenline battery technology for increased freedom of movement. Even more lightweight: SP 5240 CL Within this new series, one model attracts most attention: the SP 5240 CL spreader. The letters CL stand for ‘Compact Lightweight’. Weighing in at just 9.9 kg / 21.8 lb, this spreader is even more lightweight than the other, already very light, models in the new 5000 series. At the same time it offers every spreading capability needed by firefighters for the extrication of a trapped victim. Like all other models, the SP 5240 CL has been tested extensively on the latest car prototypes. Other features & benefits Some more features & benefits of the new 5000 series spreaders are: Effective spreading tip profile for perfect grip New ergonomic carrying handle design increasing operator comfort in various working positions Upgraded LED lighting in carrying handle: six lights with higher light output. Never stand in your own shadow again. Built-in Speed Valve for quicker opening of the arms to speed up spreader positioning Patented CORE Technology combining oil feed and return in one hose to make rescue operations safer, quicker and easier On battery powered models: Greenline battery technology combining a long battery life with high capacity for maximum operational use. Advantages: self-contained for optimum freedom of movement, no emissions, low noise levels and suitable for use in all weather conditions.