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Autronica Fire and Security AS Overview:

Autronica Fire and Security (AFS) is an international company, headquartered in Trondheim, one of the largest cities in Norway. The company is owned by United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and employs more than 319 persons with experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing of fire safety equipment. Total turnover is approximately NOK 500 mill.

Our philosophy
The company's strategy and philosophy is plainly manifested in the business idea:
Protecting life, environment and property.

Business idea
"Autronica Fire and Security protects life, environment and property by satisfying our customers' need for detection, notification and suppression of fires."

"We shall contribute to ensuring physical safety, reducing unnecessary risks from fire and related dangers, by constantly seeking better and safer solutions."

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Autronica Fire and Security AS news

Autronica’s AutroGuard Smoke Detectors Prevent Fire At Norway’s National Sanctuary, The Nidaros Cathedral

During the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 8 someone attempted to set fire to Nidaros Cathedral - the world’s northernmost medieval cathedral, built beginning in 1070, and Norway’s national sanctuary located in the city of Trondheim. Luckily, the fire was quickly detected by Autronica Fire and Security’s AutroGuard® protectors. The recently developed protector has technology that enables fast and reliable smoke detection. The Nidaros Cathedral is one of the first buildings where AutroGuard was installed. The fire was ignited on a wooden door from the outside of the Cathedral. It was in its early stages when two AutroGuard devices located in the sacristy quickly went into alarm. The Nidaros Cathedral fire alarm system has a direct connection to the local fire department and immediately alerted emergency first responders who extinguished the fire before it did any major damage. Technology that saves lives and invaluable buildings AutroGuard detector alerted the fire department quickly, so they could put out the fire and immediately start extracting smoke The new AutroGuard protector features a new MultiAngle/MultiWavelength optical chamber and two heat sensors as standard, and the chamber design allows smoke to enter the chamber faster than before. Together with advanced algorithms, the AutroGuard provides faster detection of fire while reducing nuisance alarms. Jan Tøndelstrand is the Operation and Security Manager at Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop, the unit responsible for maintaining the Cathedral and its adjoining buildings. He was impressed by the speed of the protector and thankful the AutroGuard detector alerted the fire department quickly, so they could put out the fire and immediately start extracting smoke, preventing further damage to the historic Cathedral. Although the flame was small, the smoke had seeped into the sacristy within the Cathedral, where it was detected by the two AutroGuard devices at a very early stage. “Quick detection is the success factor for protecting the Cathedral, and I’m glad the fire was detected as soon as it was,” said Tøndelstrand. Positive Outcome Autronica’s Service Engineer, Lars Hammer, is also satisfied to see the result of years of development providing this positive outcome. “Naturally, we would prefer if the Cathedral fire alarm system was never put to the test, but when it happened, we were proud to see all the work we have put into this protector being so valuable.” “We have already replaced the protector, and our technology team is studying it in our lab to see if there are lessons from this incident that can provide even more secure fire detection in the future,” said Hammer. Outside fire protection an option  In addition to AutroGuard protectors, Autronica Fire & Security also offers another solution that provides rapid response to arson and external fire sources: façade protection. The Archbishop’s palace, an adjoining building to the Cathedral, utilizes this technology. It is especially beneficial for wooden facades. With this fire protection solution, a flame detector is placed directly on the façade and will alarm when it detects a flame, not waiting for the smoke to seep into the building. This solution is becoming more and more popular on historical buildings like churches and museums, as well as other buildings where arson is an increasing problem. 

Autronica Announces SMM 2020 Exhibition For Maritime Industry To Feature Series Of Conferences

The world’s event for the maritime industry: SMM, is the place where the maritime industry meets to find answers to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Its claim to provide insights is reflected in more than 90,000 square meters of exhibition space and a whole series of top-class specialist conferences. More than 2,200 exhibitors from 67 countries, including 29 national pavilions, and around 50,000 visitors from 125 nations made SMM 2018 an important industry event.

Autronica Unveils AutroSense Cascade Smoke Detection Solution With Easy And Quick Installation

Autronica, a United Technologies owned fire safety and security company, has announced the release of AutroSense Cascade, a scalable aspirating smoke detection solution that makes installation easier, maintenance quicker, and takes applications further than traditional air sampling detectors. AutroSense Cascade  An AutroSense Cascade system consists of two basic module types: Display module – provides control and monitoring of detector modules Detector module – draws air from the risk area and samples it for smoke particles Up to eight detector modules can be controlled and monitored via one display module with each detector module capable of serving up to 250 m of combined sampling pipe. Display and detector module combinations are known as a cluster with devices in the cluster communicating via RS485 Display and detector modules Display and detector module combinations are known as a cluster with devices in the cluster communicating via RS485. This unique modular design allows for clusters to be non-distributed or distributed giving significant design advantages such as maximizing pipework coverage and reduced transport times. AutroSense Cascade is not just about efficient and flexible system design, it also excels with simple user controls, detailed display information, connectivity and easy maintenance. From the designer through to the end user, AutroSense Cascade provides benefits for everyone. Integrated with ClassiFire and waste gate technology AutroSense Cascade embraces exciting new design aspects integrated with proven features and technologies, such as ClassiFire and waste gate technology. Whether it’s providing early warning detection within a clean room environment or providing a problem solving solution for harsh or unusual applications, AutroSense Cascade excels to provide a robust and reliable aspirating smoke detection solution. Autronica is a renowned innovator, manufacturer and supplier of fire and gas safety worldwide. Their products ensure safety in applications on land, sea and in the petrochemical, oil and gas sectors.