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Autronica Fire and Security AS Overview:

Autronica Fire and Security (AFS) is an international company, headquartered in Trondheim, one of the largest cities in Norway. The company is owned by United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and employs more than 319 persons with experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing of fire safety equipment. Total turnover is approximately NOK 500 mill.

Our philosophy
The company's strategy and philosophy is plainly manifested in the business idea:
Protecting life, environment and property.

Business idea
"Autronica Fire and Security protects life, environment and property by satisfying our customers' need for detection, notification and suppression of fires."

"We shall contribute to ensuring physical safety, reducing unnecessary risks from fire and related dangers, by constantly seeking better and safer solutions."

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Autronica Fire and Security AS news

Autronica Unveils AutroSense Cascade Smoke Detection Solution With Easy And Quick Installation

Autronica, a United Technologies owned fire safety and security company, has announced the release of AutroSense Cascade, a scalable aspirating smoke detection solution that makes installation easier, maintenance quicker, and takes applications further than traditional air sampling detectors. AutroSense Cascade  An AutroSense Cascade system consists of two basic module types: Display module – provides control and monitoring of detector modules Detector module – draws air from the risk area and samples it for smoke particles Up to eight detector modules can be controlled and monitored via one display module with each detector module capable of serving up to 250 m of combined sampling pipe. Display and detector module combinations are known as a cluster with devices in the cluster communicating via RS485 Display and detector modules Display and detector module combinations are known as a cluster with devices in the cluster communicating via RS485. This unique modular design allows for clusters to be non-distributed or distributed giving significant design advantages such as maximizing pipework coverage and reduced transport times. AutroSense Cascade is not just about efficient and flexible system design, it also excels with simple user controls, detailed display information, connectivity and easy maintenance. From the designer through to the end user, AutroSense Cascade provides benefits for everyone. Integrated with ClassiFire and waste gate technology AutroSense Cascade embraces exciting new design aspects integrated with proven features and technologies, such as ClassiFire and waste gate technology. Whether it’s providing early warning detection within a clean room environment or providing a problem solving solution for harsh or unusual applications, AutroSense Cascade excels to provide a robust and reliable aspirating smoke detection solution. Autronica is a renowned innovator, manufacturer and supplier of fire and gas safety worldwide. Their products ensure safety in applications on land, sea and in the petrochemical, oil and gas sectors.

Carrier’s Fire Safety Brands To Showcase Innovative Solutions Together At NFPA 2019

Carrier’s fire safety brands will display their extensive fire detection and suppression solutions at NFPA 2019, June 17 – 19 in San Antonio, Texas. On display in booth #1437 will be a wide range of fire products and systems that protect residential, commercial, institutional and light to heavy industrial areas in multiple applications, including oil & gas, power generation, data centers, automotive, hospitality, campus, marine and food and beverage. Carrier is a global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies. fire and gas safety systems The brands offer a variety of products from industrial fire extinguishers, clean agent suppression systems and water mist suppression systems to smoke and carbon dioxide (CO2) detectors and fire alarm signals and systems to certified hazardous-area fire and gas safety systems. Det-Tronics and Autronica are marking 20 years of working together during which the two brands have provided fire and gas safety solutions to the petrochemical, oil and gas industry worldwide. Det-Tronics will showcase products for new applications and announce the expanded capability of its X3302 hydrogen multispectrum flame detector. Autronica will exhibit its AutroSafe IFP addressable system, at NFPA for the first time Det-Tronics will also present, “Exploring the Requirements for Warning and Mitigation Using a Fixed Gas Detection System,” a paper about how the NFPA 72 compliant, certified SIL 2-capable Det-Tronics Eagle Quantum Premier flame and gas safety system can provide the critical function of warning, containing and mitigating in an approved fixed gas detection system. commercial fire extinguishers Autronica will exhibit its AutroSafe IFP addressable system, at NFPA for the first time. Edwards, a provider of alarm, mass notification and hazard warning, will present their new UL268 7th Edition Compliant Signature Optica Series smoke detector and will introduce EST4, an advanced networked fire alarm and emergency communications platform. Kidde Fire Safety, the first smoke alarm manufacturer to receive certification to the new UL Standard for Smoke Alarms, set to take effect in May of 2020, will be displaying these smoke alarms, as well their full suite of residential and commercial fire extinguishers. Marioff, a pioneer of water mist fire protection technology, will present the benefits and broad applications of its HI-FOG water mist systems, including FM Approved HI-FOG solutions for data centers and food industries, and certified solutions for the automotive industry. chemical fire suppression systems Badger, manufacturer of wet and dry chemical fire suppression systems as well as industrial fire extinguishers, will showcase its range of capabilities. Kidde Fire Systems will display its wide range of clean agent, CO2 and wet and dry chemical special hazard fire detection and suppression solutions for protecting highvalue assets and business continuity in industrial and commercial applications.

Glava Manufacturing Plant In Norway Installs Autronica Fire Detection System

At insulation manufacturer Glava, they manage high risk and high production volumes. Hence, they are dependent on an efficient fire detection system. Here, they tell us why they chose Autronica. 60 tons of melted glass, and temperatures up to 1300 degrees Celsius: At the Glava manufacturing plant in the Norwegian town of Stjørdal, the production runs non-stop. The temperature is high when shattered glass is molten and spun into insulation, and the consequences of an incident in the smelting plant are enormous. In the afternoon, evening and night, staffing is limited to a minimum. Only four people keep the 3500 square meters of factory under surveillance. Thanks to solid fire detection, they all know they are safe regardless. However, not long ago they experienced a completely different situation altogether.  Catastrophic fire at Glava manufacturing plant "In the 90s, the Glava manufacturing plant and headquarters in Askim suffered a major cable fire, where a grand total of 600 kilometers of cable was destroyed by fire. Production was halted for weeks, and 60-70 electricians were hired to fix the problem. If we had had early warning in case of overheating, we could have saved several millions Norwegian Kroner," said Helge Bakken, an electrical engineer working in the Glava manufacturing plant since 1996. He talks about vast amounts of inflammable materials on the premises.  "Glava is a large manufacturing plant with lots of machinery, and we are bordering on the limit of what we can keep our eyes on." Efficient fire detection system With Autronica’s solution we have a complete overview form the screens in the control room" Helge added, "When we rebuilt the Stjørdal factory in 2014, we wanted to install a proper fire detection system. We asked for tenders from a wide range of suppliers, and I feared that Autronica would be too expensive. I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out they weren’t the most expensive supplier by far. Additionally, the quality and service were far superior to any of the others. And of course, it was a bonus that they are a Norwegian company, and that most of the equipment is manufactured at their headquarters in Trondheim." Fire alarms and emergency lighting "With Autronica’s solution we have a complete overview form the screens in the control room. Graphical sectionalizations show where the alarm is triggered, and we get an early indication of heat generation. With the help of statistics, we quickly see what the normal temperature is. If there is a real emergency, the emergency light system will multiply the chance of evacuating the employees. There are few fault messages, and everyone here takes any alarm seriously," says fire safety manager, Håvard Sesseng.