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For 100 years Hochiki has led the way in the design and manufacture of innovative life safety solutions. Its leading edge commercial and industrial fire detection and emergency lighting products have acquired global acceptance as the benchmark for high-integrity and long-term reliability.

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Kentec’s Special Applications Department Unveils Evac-Point, Evacuation And Alert Control Indicating System For Effective High-Rise Evacuations

In response to a specific customer requirement, Kentec Electronics, a globally renowned manufacturer of life-critical control systems, has developed through their Special Applications Department an Evacuation and Alert Control Indicating System (EACIE) to provide fire and rescue teams with an intelligent communication structure to support staged evacuation. Evac-Point system Kentec’s made-to-order ‘Evac-Point’ system uses user-defined zone reference labeling to enable Fire Services to sound alarms in targeted areas of a building, such as a specific flat or floor, so that the public can be evacuated in line with how an incident develops. It is being delivered through Kentec’s Special Applications bespoke engineering department, which has a long-established pedigree for manufacturing evacuation control panels. The modular design allows for greater flexibility and site customization for the installer and end user and reduces lead time availability. Efficient tall-buildings rescue and evacuations The custom-build panel’s development follows the Grenfell tragedy and the 2019 BS 8629 Standard, which seeks to ensure residential buildings over 18 meters high are provided with an effective means to help the fire brigade evacuate efficiently and effectively, regardless of the manufacturer or specific design. It is available in two and three loop versions (expandable to four loops) with a modular design, where banks of five can be added to increase capacity, if required. In-built LED control panel illumination Evac-Point provides the market with a convenient, good-value and highly-sophisticated option" Derrick Hall, Sales Director at Kentec, stated “Evac-Point provides the market with a convenient, good-value and highly-sophisticated option. Other products on the market are only available in the largest sizes, meaning paying for functionality that is not required.” He adds, “Another differentiation is its in-built LED control panel illumination, provided as standard. The BS 8629 Standard recommends a lit environment, so this additional feature saves installing dedicated lighting separately. Our role as life-safety manufacturers is, as ever, to make the lives of our installers and the end users easier and safer.” Integrated with Syncro AS technology The Evac-Point system is available with a flush bezel so that it can be set into the wall, providing a secure and robust, two-point locking steel enclosure. It is based on the reliable Syncro AS technology, with an open protocol architecture that is compatible with Hochiki and Apollo protocols to provide maximum system design flexibility. Kentec is hosting a webinar on Monday 9th November 2020 from 11 am to 11.30 am, where Derrick Hall, Director of Sales, will talk about BS8629 and how it will impact any residential building over 18m, as well as how Kentec Electronics can help.

Lloyds Building Installs MxPro 5 Panels Advanced Fire Protection

A network of 10 MxPro 5 fire panels from Advanced, have been installed to protect London’s famous Lloyds Building. About Lloyds Building Also known as the Inside-Out Building, the Lloyds Building is located in the City of London’s main financial district and is a leading example of radical Bowellism architecture in which services for the building such as ducts and lifts are located on the exterior to maximize space in the interior. Built-in 1986, commercial office development became the youngest structure ever to obtain Grade I listing in 2011. The state-of-the-art Advanced fire panels, which were installed as part of a phased upgrade to the fire system, cover all areas of the 14-storey building, include BMS integration for graphics and are linked to over 3200 Hochiki devices, including wireless devices installed within the building’s towers. Installation Of Fire Panels Undertaking phase one, the design, installation, and commissioning of the fire panels and graphics system at the Lloyds Building were Kent-based Pacific Security Systems Ltd. Kirk Short, Director at Pacific Security Systems Ltd, said “Our client’s brief was to retain the existing Hochiki devices and wiring while upgrading the panels and graphics system on site. The system also needed to be both user-friendly and reliable.” “Advanced’s MxPro 5 panels were able to tick all of the boxes. Its network performance is particularly good, no matter the size of the system or complexity of the site Advanced’s products have the capability to deliver complete protection.” “Our customers are always happy with the product and find the panels very easy to operate with limited technical understanding.” Custom-Built Fire Safety Products As part of the work for phase two of the upgrade, a custom-built annunciator for sprinkler, wet riser, and plant status control will be designed and manufactured by the Advanced’s AdSpecials department. MxPro 5 fire system is certified by FM Approvals to the EN 54 standard Regional Sales Manager at Advanced, Ken Bullock, said: “It’s a pleasure to be able to support Pacific Security Systems Ltd with the equipment needed to protect such an iconic London landmark, and as a high performance yet a user-friendly solution, the MxPro 5 just makes sense.” “Our industry-leading fire panel offers the ideal solution for this project, where an intuitive interface that the end-user can easily operate and superior networking capabilities that can deliver protection across a large area, are crucial. Pacific Security Systems Ltd will also benefit from the MxPro 5’s built-in false alarm management software, AlarmCalm, enabling the configuration of the building’s investigation delays and double knock procedures with ease.” Multiprotocol Fire System MxPro 5 is the fire industry’s multiprotocol fire system solution and is certified by FM Approvals to the EN 54 standard. It offers four detector protocols and a completely open installer network, backed up by free training and support. MxPro 5 panels can be used in single-loop, single-panel format or easily configured into high-speed networks of up to 200 panels covering huge areas. Its ease of installation and configuration as well as its wide peripheral range make it customizable to almost any application.

Hochiki Europe EN54-25 Approved Hybrid Wireless Fire Detection And Alarm Equipment

Life safety manufacturer, Hochiki Europe, launches a new range of hybrid wireless fire detection and alarm equipment. The Ekho product range is EN54-25 approved, RED compliant and takes hybrid wireless fire detection to new levels of reliability, flexibility and performance. Using the latest in radio networking technology, the Ekho hybrid wireless system provides a robust ‘always on’ network of devices which can automatically adapt to changing environmental conditions – offering installers an unparalleled level of reliability. Enhanced safety benefits Unlike other systems, Ekho’s wireless devices are not tied to specific expanders, instead, each device instinctively chooses its parent expander based on the strength of the signal pathway back to the translator, with expanders automatically forming a bi-directional mesh network for delivering information to the main control panel. The wireless field device will automatically find and connect to an alternative expander In the event where an expander’s signal is compromised, the wireless field device will automatically find and connect to an alternative expander with the next strongest signal pathway – providing end-users with enhanced safety benefits. The range is extremely versatile, offering a selection of wireless sensor types, as well as I/O units, a sounder, a sensor/voice-sounder/VAD and a manual call point. Its simplified design ensures that products in the series are easy to install. While the faster commissioning process, which can be carried out off-site, saves installers time on projects. Hybrid wireless systems Utilizing hybrid wireless systems negates the need to install cables therefore guaranteeing minimum disturbance to surroundings during installation – making the range an ideal choice for historic buildings, remote or temporary sites and any project where the installation of fire cabling is too difficult, overly expensive or prohibited. Mark Jones, export manager at Hochiki Europe commented: “The digital age has affected every part of our lives, and life safety is no exception. Our Ekho product range offers wireless solutions to a range of what can be complex project challenges. As with all Hochiki Europe products, the range is intelligent and ultra-dependable, offering users a future-proofed life safety system.”