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Bristol Uniforms Ltd. Overview:

Bristol Uniforms is a leading international brand meeting the diverse needs of today's professional firefighters in the UK and over 110 countries around the world through a network of over 70 distributors. The Company’s range of personal protective equipment (PPE) encompasses head-to-toe structural, technical rescue (USAR) and wildland firefighting garments.

Working with leading international fibre and fabric manufacturers, including DuPont, PBI Performance Products and W L Gore, Bristol’s in-house design teams have inspired a number of new product designs which are manufactured by Bristol in the UK and Europe. An integrated approach to delivering organic, sustainable growth has seen the introduction of several innovative designs which have helped secure new business in the UK and many international markets.

Recent new products include Bristol’s innovative XFlex™ structural fire kit to EN 469:2005; and RescueFlex™ technical rescue/USAR kit. LayerFlex™ is a layered garment approach to providing structural, technical rescue and wildland firefighting PPE in just 3 garments used in different combinations to provide the appropriate protection. Ranges of in-house designed firefighter gloves and fire hoods complement the wide range of fire coats and trousers available.

In 2017, Bristol was awarded the contract to supply firefighting PPE for a new Collaborative Procurement Framework, accessible to all Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services across the UK. The Framework provides access to high quality PPE ensembles, whilst saving considerable time and resources by simplifying and streamlining the procurement process.

A lifetime approach to garment maintenance, through a range of managed service options, helps to optimise the service life of firefighter PPE and reduce the long term overall cost of ownership and deliver proven value-for-money solutions for fire & rescue services around the world.

Bristol Uniforms Ltd. news

Bristol Uniforms’ Flagship Range Of XFlex Protective Suits Are The Highest Standards In Structural Fire Fighting PPE

Popular with fire-fighters around the world, XFlex is Bristol Uniforms’ flagship range in structural fire fighting (Personal Protective Equipment) PPE. Its name came from the ‘X’ shape formed by the curved seams on the garment’s elbow and its flexibility. It enables excellent range of movement which helps fire-fighters carry out their physical roles more effectively. The creation and introduction of XFlex into the market marks a new direction in fire fighting PPE design and application. Ergonomic and comfortable PPE Historically, (Personal Protective Equipment) PPE was made of heavy protective materials which could be hot and cumbersome to wear, hindering performance and increasing the risk of heat stress. Fire-fighters needed and wanted lightweight, breathable garments with improved flexibility and manoeuvrability, so they could carry out physical tasks more effectively. Bristol Uniforms started to look at ways of making fire-fighting PPE more ergonomic and comfortable With this in mind, Bristol Uniforms started to look at ways of making fire-fighting PPE more ergonomic and comfortable. In particular, they looked at what was happening in other industries where flexibility and manoeuvrability were key elements. They studied the latest designs and state-of-the-art fabrics being used to allow freedom of movement and breathability and applied these principles to their PPE designs. Computer Aided Design (CAD) software Drawing on this research, Bristol Uniform’s specialist technical designers developed new product designs using the very latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Various designs were put forward, which differed in construction, fabrics, shape and look. Each design was assessed, and the preferred design refined. During the process, the company also undertook ‘indicative testing’, which is independent testing of selected fabric layers to ensure they work effectively and meet the required standards. XFlex structural fire fighting PPE The resulting XFlex structural coat and trouser ensemble is particularly ergonomic, featuring distinctive sports styling. It was the first to feature a ‘spiral cut’ design. This means that none of the seams of the garment are straight, but instead follow the body’s curves and contours, there by allowing much more movement and flexibility. The XFlex design also features shoulder shaping and under arm gussets, which allow full rotational arm movement, and ergonomic three-dimensional articulated elbows and knees. Special fabric for enhanced fire resistance XFlex features a select combination of fabrics offering resistance to fire, increased breathability and moisture control XFlex features a select combination of fabrics offering resistance to fire, increased breathability, control of moisture, and a lighter weight – all of which maximise comfort and help to reduce the occurrence of heat stress. Customers can choose from a selection of fabrics for the outer shell, which also come in a number of colour options - Hainsworth TITAN1260 fabric is available in gold, Hainsworth TITAN1250 in Paris navy, and a range of Hainsworth TITAN1220 fabric colours are available including blue, red, grey and tan. WL Gore moisture barrier and liner systems XFlex also comes with a choice of inner moisture barrier and liner systems from WL Gore, which serves to draw sweat and moisture away from the skin, helping to keep the body cool and dry. Recently, Bristol Uniforms introduced the ground-breaking Gore Parallon System as a new option for XFlex – a particularly light-weight solution that offers unprecedented levels of breathability and thermal protection, particularly when wet, helping to prevent dangerous increases in core body temperature. When developing XFlex, Bristol Uniforms also took the decision to provide an extensive range of sizes, including a total of 28 male and female sizes available as standard. They also provide a comprehensive sizing procedure and have the capability to send specialist teams to undertake all measuring to ensure it is carried out correctly if necessary. Finally, XFlex has received accreditations from all three international standards-setting bodies - the European Standard of Certification (CEN), the International Standards Organisation (ISO), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Bristol Uniforms Announces Unveiling New Stock Styles Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) For Structural Firefighting

Bristol Uniforms Ltd announced that it is offering a new selection of stock styles Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for structural firefighting.  Immediately available, these ready-made garments can be personalized by adding a heat-sealed patch to the back of each coat, a name to the front, and a name to each trouser.    Stock PPE for Structural Firefighting Bristol Uniforms provides a choice of three Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) stock styles that are currently available in the market, featuring the most popular elements of the company’s existing top-quality ranges: Ergotech Action - EN469 Level 2 -The CEN certified style includes an anti-wicking barrier on the cuffs and hems, underarm gussets and pleated back panel for improved ergonomics, knee reinforcement, and numerous pockets, loops, and rings for equipment. The kit is made up of a navy TITAN1220 outer, Gore Crosstech Fireblocker moisture barrier and a quilted aramid felt and viscose inner lining. Ergotech Action – (National Fire Protection Association) NFPA 1971:2018 -The NFPA certified style is similar and features a Gore Crosstech moisture barrier and a gold Hainsworth TITAN outer layer. The jacket also has distinguishable lined box bellow pockets on both the coat and trouser, and thumb holes on the cuff to prevent exposure around the wrists. XFlex - EN469 Level 2 - The XFlex stock design conforms to the CEN standard and features elbow reinforcement, ergonomic 3D knee pads with reinforcement to make kneeling more comfortable, plus an adjustable waist band, a removable braces system and a knife pouch in the trouser. It is made up of a gold PBI Max outer, Gore Crosstech Airlock moisture barrier and an aramid viscose inner lining.

Excellence And Exemplary Service By Firefighters, Staff Celebrated At Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service Excellence Awards

Taking place at the Huntingdon Marriott Hotel in Huntingdon, UK on Thursday (January 23), 2020, the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service Excellence Awards celebrated the achievements of staff from across different areas of the Fire Service. The commitment, dedication and professionalism of staff which regularly go above and beyond to provide the best possible service to the people of Cambridgeshire were all celebrated by around 140 guests. Hosting the event was Chief Fire Officer Chris Strickland together with Assistant Chief Fire Officer Jon Anderson, with Deputy Chief Executive Matthew Warren and Head of Media and Communication Hayley Douglas, leading the ceremony. The following awards were presented throughout the evening: Long Service and Good Conduct medals - Presented under a Royal Warrant for members of the uniformed service after completing 20 years of long and meritorious service to the fire and rescue service and the public. These were presented by Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire, Mrs. Julie Spence OBE QPM. Chairman's Awards - an award made to retired staff that has completed at least 25 years' service with CFRS. Presented by Vice Chairman of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority, Councillor David Over. Excellence Awards - these awards reflect a variety of different achievements that were nominated by staff in the Service and chosen by a judging panel. Certificate of Commendation - a formal recognition to both members of staff and external stakeholders. Chief Fire Officer's Commendation - to recognize the commendable actions of a member of staff or the public. Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service Excellence Awards Our awards allow us to celebrate all the hard work and dedication shown by staff and to thank them and their families" Chief Fire Officer Chris Strickland said, “Our awards allow us to celebrate all the hard work and dedication shown by staff and to thank them and their families for providing great support. It gives me great pride to be able to recognize the achievements of so many members of staff from across the different areas of the Service”. Chris adds, “The passion, enthusiasm and professionalism shown by our winners, as well as the years of commitment shown by those receiving long service awards, is really inspiring. It shows me how devoted our staff to provide a great service to the people of Cambridgeshire. Being able to celebrate our staff achievements in this way would not be possible without the continued support of our sponsors. I must say a big thank you to all the organizations that have contributed to the evening.” High standard of fire safety service Vice Chairman of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority, Councillor David Over, said, “It’s always a privilege to celebrate the careers of our retired members of staff and to present them with a small token of our thanks. It never fails to impress me how dedicated our staff is across all areas of the Service, and the high standards I see every day are indeed something that fills me with pride.” The cost for the event was paid for by the generosity of the following organizations: TruckEast and Scania Emergency One and Clan Tools Supply Plus Bristol Uniforms Hunter Apparel Interspiro Keeping communities safe We were delighted to once again sponsor the ceremony, which recognizes the excellent work" David Hall, Sales Director at TruckEast, said, "We were delighted to once again sponsor the ceremony, which recognizes the excellent work that goes on not just on the frontline, but also behind the scenes, to help make Cambridgeshire a safer place to be." Micheal (Mike) Madson Masden, Managing Director of Emergency One (UK) Ltd and Clan Tools and Plant Ltd, said, "We are delighted to be sponsoring the awards again this year. The ceremony highlights the contribution that many individuals within the fire and rescue service make towards keeping our communities a safer place to live and work." The evening ended with a raffle of prizes donated by sponsors. The list of awards and recipients are included below: Long Service and Good Conduct medal recipients The award is bestowed on completing 20 years’ long and meritorious service to the fire and rescue service and the public. Richard Boston – Watch Commander, Training Centre, Huntingdon Richard Broad – Firefighter, March Rachel Casbon – Firefighter, Sutton Lee Forster – Watch Commander, Training Centre, Huntingdon Daniel Granger – Firefighter, Cottenham Chairman’s Award The award is presented to retired personnel who have completed at least 25 years' service. Mark Brown – Watch Commander, Whittlesey Martin Brown – Station Commander, Fire Protection Martin Claydon – Crew Commander, Burwell David Killner – Watch Commander, Sawtry David Murfitt – Firefighter, Littleport Roy Nicholas – Firefighter, Gamlingay Teri Seaber – Group Commander, Combined Fire Control Debbie Vickers – Station Commander, Combined Fire Control Excellence Awards Georgina Coop: Nominated several times for her drive, passion, enthusiasm and consistently outstanding performance in developing staff across the organization. Media and Communication team: For producing the John Lewis advert themed Christmas video. Simon Thompson: Nominated twice for planning and organizing the Service’s training exercises. Amanda Shepherd: Nominated twice for consistently going the extra mile and producing to high standards. Nicola Barlow: Nominated twice for organizing the memorial event for Firefighter John Humphries John Fagg: For designing and organizing the STEM school challenge program. March Fire Station: For demonstrating outstanding community spirit and fundraising, as well as maintaining consistently high availability for both pumps at the station. Liam Napier: For dealing with a member of the public that was threatening to jump from a bridge onto the A14. Bruce Parcell: For delivering over and above expectations and consistently producing to high standards. Joe Gacon: For consistently going over and above to deliver engaging road safety education and creative media content. Huntingdon Fire Station On-call crew: For consistently going above and beyond supporting incidents with the Incident Commander Unit and the various other command support functions. Dogsthorpe and Stanground White Watch: Presented by Emergency One and Clan Tools. For excellent use of ops discretion at an incident to rescue quickly rescue casualties trapped in a car in a water filled ditch. On-call Recruit of the Year: Presented by TruckEast and Scania. Chosen by the Service’s Training Centre team Jon Yarnold (Papworth Fire Station): Jon very much stood out to the training instructors while on his initial training course for his attitude and commitment. Community Champion of the Year: Gary Dew - For his commitment and support delivering community safety activity as a volunteer. Certificate of Commendation: BG Commercials - For supporting operational training with lorry cabs and venues. Chief Fire Officer's Commendation: Nick Tait and Albi Andrews - For helping evacuate casualties from a house fire in Cambridge. Bob Smith: For the lifesaving intervention made when his wife suffered a cardiac arrest.