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With production plants and companies in Germany, the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Italy and Indonesia, the ZIEGLER group of companies is one of the most important manufacturers of fire fighting vehicles and equipment worldwide, and the market leader in various countries.

We have agencies and partners all over the world. The parent company is at Giengen/Brenz in Germany, on a property of approximately 80,000 m², where we employ 650 personnel. The total number of employees within the ZIEGLER group is approximately 1,000. Today our most important field is the manufacture of fire fighting vehicles. We produce standard and special-purpose vehicles, all built according to the special requirements of each customer.

Since the start of the vehicle production more than 20,000 fire fighting vehicles of all sizes and types have been built. Besides the user-specific engineering of fire fighting vehicles the core competence of ZIEGLER is fire pump technology. The range of pumps reaches from portable pumps with a capacity of 200 l/min up to fire pumps of 10,000 l/min. Our leading position is also verified by the impressive number of 100,000 built and delivered ZIEGLER fire pumps. The pump program is supplemented by innovative fire fighting technology, which ensures efficient fire fighting. The diverse and often patented solutions in the field of vehicle and pump construction as well as fire fighting technology are now also available as components to our partners worldwide.

Another area of our business is our high-quality ZIEGLER fire hoses. Approx. 1.5 millon meters of hoses of all sizes are produced each year. This hose program is supplemented by a full-range assortment of hose care equipment of our own production.

In addition to the above products ZIEGLER has an extensive assortment of fire fighting equipment and articles with ZIEGLER exclusive right of sales.

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Albert Ziegler GmbH & Co. KG news

ZIEGLER Announces Z-Control Being Nominated In Product Of The Year 2020 Category At The UX Design Awards

The Z-Control of the latest generation by ZIEGLER was nominated for the UX Design Awards in the category "Product" of the year 2020. The UX Design Awards are a global competition for user and customer experience, organized by the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ). The list of previous winners resembles a "Who is Who" of the industry. The intuitive and user-guided operating concept Z-Control by ZIEGLER is the central element of every firefighting vehicle and the basis of a successful operation. Ease of handling "Above all, the challenges in this project was to design the operation for all users in a way that it is correctly understood in emergency situations. The operation has to work flawlessly at any time of day or night, in different weather conditions and under the known difficult conditions such as enormous time pressure, stress and in personal protective clothing. The operating sequence should be self-explanatory so that even untrained persons can handle it." "In addition, the operation should be easy to understand and error-free for all generations of emergency personnel from 16 to 65 years of age, volunteer and professional firefighters, procurement managers, emergency control centers, trainers, service and sales personnel worldwide," said Max Ruhdorfer, when asked what the special challenges of the project were especially concerning user experience.

ZIEGLER Delivers Three HLF 20 Vehicles With Breathing Apparatuses To The Municipality Of Planegg

In July 2020, the municipality of Planegg received three identical HLF 20 with extensive equipment. Within the municipality the vehicles will be distributed to two locations. Planegg has been a ZIEGLER customer for many years and continues to rely on ZIEGLER quality. The vehicles are part of procurement in accordance with Bavarian funding guidelines, together with a further HLF 20 for the municipality of Krailling. Thus the total order consists of four vehicles. The three HLF 20 are mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Atego chassis and have a wheelbase of 4,160 mm. The engine power is 220 kW (299 HP) and they are wrapped in the color RAL 3026 daylight red. The vehicles also offer some interesting optional extras, such as six breathing apparatuses, Z-Protec Airbag system and a 360° camera system.

ZIEGLER Delivers Industrial Vehicle With High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) To The Zeeland Refinery In Netherlands

ZIEGLER has announced handing over its high-tech industrial vehicle with High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) to the Zeeland Refinery in the Netherlands. The extinguishing vehicle built on a Volvo chassis has a 2,000 liter extinguishing water tank and a 5,000 liter foam tank. The ZIEGLER centrifugel fire pump FPN 10-10000-1H delivers enormous extinguishing power. Z-PF foam admixture system The ZIEGLER Z-PF foam admixture system allows the effective use of the foam compound. In addition to the 25 m HRET, two ALCO monitors are additionally installed in this vehicle. A roof turret is located on a lifting device inside the vehicle. The second turret is mounted on the HRET. The double fold-out foot steps are integrated into the wheel. Vehicles for large industrial plants, for example in the chemical or oil industry, mines or energy plants, usually have very special application profiles and are not subject to any standard. ZIEGLER has the global experience, competence and advanced technology to build vehicles that meet the custom requirements – in all sizes, with all types and quantities of extinguishing agents, with powerful pumps and mixing plants as well as with individual special equipment. Specialized pumping and fire extinguishing systems Within the framework of a close and intensive dialog with the customers, ZIEGLER designs vehicles that are tailor-made to the respective tasks and application requirements. ZIEGLER GmbH supplies vehicles for firefighting, civil protection and the police, as well as firefighting accessories and technology. The comprehensive product range includes clothing for the firefighting services to highly specialized pumping and fire extinguishing systems to all kinds of emergency vehicles.