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HALE PRODUCTS is the world's leading provider of specialist equipment for the emergency services market. With extensive manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, and representative offices and distributors throughout the world, HALE produces truck mounted and portable fire pumps, ventilation systems and the Class 1 range of electronic instrumentation. HALE is the home of the internationally recognised GODIVA brand of fire pumps, which are to be found in service in more than 100 countries. HALE is an independent manufacturer with decades of experience in fine-tuning products at the heart of the life-saving business.

Hale Products Europe is part of the IDEX Corporation, a world leader in fluid handling technologies for positive displacement pumps, dispensing equipment and other highly engineered products. IDEX is a diversified manufacturing company with global production, design and distribution capability. The company is committed to operational excellance through the use of Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma and global sourcing practices.

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Hale Products, Inc. news

New products and innovations showcased by Hale at FDIC 2011

Hale showcased the SafeBuy vehicle-mounted fire suppression system at FDIC 2011 At FDIC 2011, Hale showcased the SafeBuy vehicle-mounted fire suppression system at Booth 1823. Following a year-long tour of the United States' 10 largest fire departments during which the company gathered input on SafeBuy's design, Hale added new bezels, graphic overlays and Class 1 displays to the system. New bezels have been designed to complement the bezels used in Hale's existing line of electronic products. They have tapered and ribbed sides, and they are available in black and chrome variations. The bezels are also available power coated in various colors to help identify different gauges. All color label inserts conform to NFPA 1901 color standards. Class 1 showcased a new series of backlit pressure gauges, which use LEDs to light the liquid-filled gauges. The lighted gauges are available in red, green, blue, yellow and white for 2.5-, 3.5-, 4.5- and 6-inch gauges. They offer bright illumination to increase visibility under extreme fire incident conditions. Class 1's rugged design allows for steady needle viewing under pulsation and vibration normally seen on fire apparatus. In addition, Class 1 introduced UltraView line of displays. The displays featured a fully modular design that allows users to customize more than 100 parameters for electronic engine monitoring and diagnostics. The flexibility and reliability of the UltraView displays make them an ideal fit for SafeBuy. SafeBuy is a system of critical fire suppression components that have been pre-engineered to work together to ensure an uninterrupted flow of suppression agent. From pump to nozzle including the pump house, hoses, monitors, valves, safety devices, diagnostics and plumbing SafeBuy is designed from the ground up to support firefighter safety. 

Hale upgrades SafeBuy systems with customizable UltraView line of display at FDIC

The UltraView is an advanced and rugged display which suits the best for Hale's SafeBuy system   Hale showcased its SafeBuy system with many advanced features at FDIC 2011. Hale upgraded its SafeBuy suppression agent delivery system with the most advanced, rugged and effective displays available on the market. The Class 1 UltraView line of displays can be viewed in direct sunlight and fully customizable. The UltraView CAN-based displays feature a fully modular design that allows users to customize more than 100 parameters for electronic engine monitoring and diagnostics. Users can program the I/O (input/output) parameters and add custom graphics and company branding to the display screens. Hale selected the Ultraview display for its SafeBuy system following a year-long tour of the country's 10 largest fire departments to gather feedback. SafeBuy is a pre-engineered system of critical fire suppression components designed to work together to ensure an uninterrupted flow of suppression agent. "The SafeBuy system was designed so that firefighters can have full confidence in the performance of their equipment," said Bruce Lear, Hale's vice president of sales and marketing. "The Class1 UltraView displays give firefighters even more confidence because they get an instant view of all engine parameters that are critical to their specific application. There is nothing a firefighter could need to monitor or display that the UltraView product line can't handle." The UltraView product line included the following features: Variety of different display sizes and mounting configurations Bonded LCD screen, viewable in direct sunlight Rugged/reliable design Easy-to-use configuration software Ability to customize logos, instrument layout and graphics Video integration Translation to multiple languages Easily send updates through a standard USB interface 

Godiva CAFS technology impresses at Humberside Fire Trial

HFRS firefighters utilising Godiva equipment in a CAFS fire trial New trial application impresses firefighters Humberside Fire and Rescue Service recently organised three full scale domestic fire scenes to test the effect of Godiva Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) on fire investigation procedures, and especially the detection of different types of accelerant. Three full scale scenes were set in derelict housing to realistically simulate typical domestic fire scenarios and a CAFS-trained fire crew attacked the resulting fires. From the start Humberside personnel were greatly impressed by the speed of the fire knockdown, Group Manager Stuart Spence commented: "Two of the scenes went to fully developed fires; all those who were present were extremely impressed in the effectiveness of CAFS with its speed of knock down." CAFS also proved it should not interfere with fire investigation procedures: "CAFS appears not to affect Fire Investigation activities as canine detectors were able to identify the accelerant in all 3 scenes (white spirit, petrol & commercial thinners), scene of crime officers were able to recover debris (awaiting laboratory analysis) and D.I.M portable accelerant units showed detection (to be analysed)." Watch Manager Dave Lazenby (HFRS Training) stated that he was "very impressed by CAFS in 3 very real situations. The first fire started with white spirit was quite small and didn't develop too much so was simple to extinguish. The second involved petrol, the flames were coming out of the bedroom and licking onto the landing - 4 short bursts and we were then in damping down mode! The fire had reached the roof space slightly, we found the short probe to be very effective for damping down here. We were piercing the plasterboard ceiling with ease." "The third fire was a living room, this was allowed to burn for quite a while so we had another good job to deal with. Again CAFS knocked it down in no time, and we were just damping down. Including the initial proving of foam outside we used 204 litres of water for this third job (the largest)." This is CAFS proving its value - a highly creditable endorsement from a fire professional. There are several unique aspects of compressed air foam that make it a winner for the fire fighter: The solution has less surface tension than water or foam/water, allowing it to smother the fire quicker The mixture makes for far lighter hoses - a great advantage for fire fighters, making for more efficient operation The mixture has better projection capabilities allowing fire fighters to keep a safe distance from the fire source Improved water efficiency means less property damage and water run-off Compressed air foam systems are a speciality of Godiva, who have been perfecting the technology for a number of years and are now recognised as a world leader for this advanced form of fire fighting. This is confirmed by an increasing number of UK fire services taking a CAFS unit on board their main appliances - up to 25% of UK brigades now use Godiva CAFS.