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Hale Products, Inc.
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HALE PRODUCTS is the world's leading provider of specialist equipment for the emergency services market. With extensive manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, and representative offices and distributors throughout the world, HALE produces truck mounted and portable fire pumps, ventilation systems and the Class 1 range of electronic instrumentation. HALE is the home of the internationally recognised GODIVA brand of fire pumps, which are to be found in service in more than 100 countries. HALE is an independent manufacturer with decades of experience in fine-tuning products at the heart of the life-saving business.

Hale Products Europe is part of the IDEX Corporation, a world leader in fluid handling technologies for positive displacement pumps, dispensing equipment and other highly engineered products. IDEX is a diversified manufacturing company with global production, design and distribution capability. The company is committed to operational excellance through the use of Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma and global sourcing practices.

Portable pumps
Trailer and skid mounted pumps
Foam equipment
Vehicle mounted pumps
PPV fans
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Hale Products CAFSProHale Products CAFSPro
Available on the Qmax, Qpak, and Qtwo pumps, the system is an integerated fully engineered addition to the Hale midship pump. F lexibility to apply both Class A and Class B foam agents. &n...
Hale Products FoamLogix 2.1AHale Products FoamLogix 2.1A
Portable pumps/skids with discharge pressures under 250 PSI. Municipal Pumpers with two (2) preconnected foam handlines.     ...
Hale Products HPX75-B18Hale Products HPX75-B18
Max flow 135 GPM at 50 PSI. Quick and easy maintenance and repair.   ...
Hale Products Fyr FloteHale Products Fyr Flote
Lightweight, portable centrifugal pump mounted on an unsinkable, high-strength polyethylene float with dual carrying handles and a splash suppression collar.   ...
Hale Products PSDHale Products PSD
Midship or rear mount. Compact design allows maximum flexibility. 750 - 1500 GPM.   ...