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IVECO MAGIRUS Brandschutztechnik GmbH

IVECO MAGIRUS Brandschutztechnik GmbH
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IVECO MAGIRUS - concentrated competence for world-wide fire fighting!

For more than 140 years the name MAGIRUS has been a synonym for fire service technology at the highest level. In conjunction with the global brand IVECO, internationally renowned for its competence in chassis construction, combinations of special fire fighting chassis and customized superstructures and transformation that have been proven a thousand times and more have been manufactured for decades. The resulting "only one manufacturer" usefulness is not only unique in the entire industry, but also highly economically efficient and very pragmatic for our customers: They have a single contact person for all queries? and a reliable partner for all eventualities.

Under the roof brand IVECO MAGIRUS the three sub-brands act together - due to their individual product ranges - as MAGIRUS, LOHR MAGIRUS and CAMIVA, serving a wide range of different markets.

With these three operative brands, IVECO MAGIRUS offers all fire brigades and services worldwide a product range that is unrivalled. Continuous dialogue with our customers at the base, with the umbrella organisations of the fire services and their specialist committees is the reason and absolute prerequisite for ensuring that IVECO MAGIRUS will even in future continue to be counted among the most innovative manufacturers of fire fighting vehicles.

A large number of worldwide protected patents, maximum finishing quality, long service life, and maximum safety express the commitment of all IVECO MAGIRUS employees to give their best at all times. The company uses any synergies consistently and target-specifically; our capacity for innovation and economically orientated thinking have been proven time and again. Examples are e.g. the new turntable ladder DLK 23-12 CS GL-T (computer stabilized, articulated boom ladder with telescope), the multifunction vehicle MultiStar and the innovative MultiTrailer concept.

In addition to its unique product and model range, IVECO MAGIRUS offers everything expected from a global player: comprehensive service, thorough training, competent advice and consultation and the continuous further development of its products ? for the benefit of our customers and - more importantly - all those people who are to be assisted and rescued by IVECO MAGIRUS products.

Turntable ladder
Telescopic aerial rescue platforms
Tank pumpers
Forest fire fighting vehicles
Tunnel fire fighting vehicles
Swap body vehicles
Logistical vehicles
Hose carriers
Rescue vehicles
Airport fire fighting vehicles
Anti-riot vehicles
Portable pumps
Centrifugal fire pumps
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IVECO Magirus RW2 heavy-duty rescue vehicleIVECO Magirus RW2 heavy-duty rescue vehicle
IVECO Magirus RW2 is a heavy rescue vehicle applicable for fire, earthquake, disaster and hazmat intervention. ...
IVECO Magirus DLK 55 CS - 55 m Working HeightIVECO Magirus DLK 55 CS - 55 m Working Height
Turntable ladders with a 55 m working height are vital pieces of rescue equipment which must fulfil the toughest of requirements. For a safe and secure way upwards, both the jacking tech...
IVECO Magirus RW1 light rescue vehicleIVECO Magirus RW1 light rescue vehicle
IVECO Magirus RW1 is a light rescue vehicle applicable for fire, earthquake, disaster and hazmat intervention. ...
IVECO Magirus MultiStar 2 combination vehicleIVECO Magirus MultiStar 2 combination vehicle
The MAGIRUS MultiStar 2 concept combines proven vehicle configurations with a telescopic boom concept, thereby creating fire brigade vehicles with clearly enhanced tactical value. This soph...
IVECO Magirus STLF 10/6 DAILY fire engineIVECO Magirus STLF 10/6 DAILY fire engine
Compact and responsive Optimum suitable for narrow streets and historic inner-city areas or constricted operation sites Compact tank pumper with high tactical value All-wheel dr...