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Niedner traces its origin back to 1895 when Charles Henry Niedner immigrated to North America and began manufacturing linen fire hose in Malden, Massachusetts.

In the first half of this century, linen fire hose represented a significant portion of the requirements in forestry and interior fire protection. The Malden plant expanded in size, and business increased to the point where a second manufacturing facility was built in Coaticook, Quebec in 1914. This plant was added to in several stages and finally retired in 1992. During that same year Niedner invested $3,300,000 and built a new manufacturing center.

This state of the art facility consists of in excess of 80,000 square feet (7,400 square meters) exclusively devoted to the research, development and manufacturing of rigid and lay flat liquid distribution hoses, destined for both domestic and export production.

The commitment of Tyco Fire and Security Services will ensure the continued growth and dedication to our present and future customer needs. The total of these changes permits Niedner to offer a wide range of products in both traditional woven-jacketed, rubber-lined fire hose and lightweight, polyurethane lined hose that Niedner pioneered in North America. These lightweight products have now been manufactured for over twenty years and represent a major portion of Niedner's production. Features such as weight reduction by one half, reduced storage space by one third, flexibility at extremely low temperatures and an increased strength-to-weight ration have allowed Niedner to become a major supplier to the forestry, municipal, industrial, interior protection, government and snowmaking markets.

An ongoing commitment to the development of new products and manufacturing methods guarantees Niedner will be recognized for years to come as a world leader in the hose industry.

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Niedner TAIGA 1200 - 3812 industrial grade fire hoseNiedner TAIGA 1200 - 3812 industrial grade fire hose
The TAIGA 1200 from Niedner is a heavy-duty, industrial grade fire hose for extreme situations where maximum flow is necessary to overcome hazards; or to conduct water transfer whenever h...
Niedner ECONOFOREST hoseNiedner ECONOFOREST hose
ECONOFOREST is a 100% filament polyester single jacket construction hose with TPU elastomer lining. It has a service test pressure rating of 250 PSIG (1750 kPa). ...
Niedner DRAFTEX single jacket hoseNiedner DRAFTEX single jacket hose
An extremely lightweight suction hose, the DRAFTEX single jacket construction uses 100% spun polyester combined with a helical interior reinforcement. It is lined with TPU elastomer and e...
Niedner ECONOFLO hoseNiedner ECONOFLO hose
ECONOFLO  is a 100% filament polyester, elastomer lined, single-jacket flat-woven hose. ECONOFLO has standard brass GHT fittings and is factory proof pressure test rated at 300 PSIG ...
Niedner XL-800 attack hoseNiedner XL-800 attack hose
XL-800 is a 100% polyester double jacket hose lined with TPU elastomer with a service test pressure of 400 PSIG (2800 kPa). For everyday attack fire fighting, XL-800 is easily handled and...