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The ROSENBAUER Group one of the world’s largest manufacturer of  fire fighting vehicles. With its wide range of municipal fire fighting vehicles and aerials built to both European and US standards (NFPA), its extensive series of aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles (ARFF) and industrial fire fighting vehicles, advanced fire fighting components and fire & safety equipment, ROSENBAUER is the industry`s "full-liner".
ROSENBAUER is the international Group with the strongest sales and distribution organization for mobile fire protections and civil defence solutions. With its worldwide sales and customer service network, ROSENBAUER has a permanent presence in more than 100 countries. ROSENBAUER supplies its products to all target groups: Professional and volunteer fire brigades, industrial and airport fire brigades. 
The Group`s technological leadership is underpinned by a tradition of innovational strength, and by a system of institutionalized design management. Its central know-how lies in complex, custom-built fire fighting systems and vehicles. All the processes needed in this connection are united under one roof: design and production of all fire fighting systems, fire engineering superstructures and electronic and pneumatic control of the overall systems. 
ROSENBAUER International AG, headquartered in Leonding, Austria, is the Group`s holding company and derives 89% of its revenues from exports. As well as being the largest production company within the Group, it is also its worldwide competence center for fire fighting vehicles of the AT-series, aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles (ARFF), industrial fire fighting vehicles and for fire fighting components.

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Rosenbauer International AG news

Deutsche Messe Postpones INTERSCHUTZ By One Year Due To The Outbreak Of COVID-19

INTERSCHUTZ, which was scheduled for June 2020, will be postponed by one year. This is the mutual decision of the organizers and partners of the trade fair for fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety and security. The reason is the coronavirus, which directly affects both exhibitors and visitors of INTERSCHUTZ and requires them to be available for duty at other locations. INTERSCHUTZ will now take place from 14 to 19 June 2021 in Hannover. About three months before the actual start of the event, it is now certain that the next INTERSCHUTZ will take place in summer 2021. Exhibiting Emergency Aid Organizations More than 150,000 visitors from all over the world attend INTERSCHUTZ "The people who under ordinary conditions would have come to INTERSCHUTZ in June this year are precisely those who are most needed due to the coronavirus crisis," says Dr. Andreas Gruchow, Member of the Managing Board, Deutsche Messe AG. "As INTERSCHUTZ, we are part of the industry. With our decision, we therefore take responsibility and provide security in planning". More than 150,000 visitors from all over the world attend INTERSCHUTZ. However, in times of pandemic, helpers and rescuers are needed to maintain supplies and security. The same applies to exhibiting emergency aid organizations or authorities with security tasks whose capacities are needed elsewhere. Digital Deployment Technology But also exhibitors from the industry are directly or indirectly involved in the crisis situation, such as manufacturers of protective equipment, suppliers of digital deployment technology or even vehicle manufacturers whose customers cannot or are not allowed to visit a trade fair in this situation. We therefore would like to wish all the players and the entire INTERSCHUTZ community" "We were on an excellent path – and we are aiming for a strong INTERSCHUTZ," says Gruchow. "Under the current conditions, however, this is not possible. We therefore would like to wish all the players and the entire INTERSCHUTZ community all the best and every strength for the tasks ahead. We will see each other in Hannover in June 2021, where we will have the opportunity to take a detailed and analytical look at the pandemic – and what we can learn from it". Enormous Number Of Organizational Consequences Postponing a trade fair on the scale of INTERSCHUTZ has an enormous number of organizational consequences. The 29th German Firefighters' Day will also be postponed until next year: "The synergy between the trade fair and the top firefighters' meeting is important to us - the postponement is a joint decision," explains Hermann Schreck, permanent representative of the President of the German Firefighters' Association (DFV). The most important questions arising from such a postponement for exhibitors and visitors of INTERSCHUTZ will be published in an FAQ on the INTERSCHUTZ homepage. Further questions will be clarified via the usual communication channels. INTERSCHUTZ has a network of strong partners who have also voted for a postponement and who will now work with Deutsche Messe to set the course for a successful event in June 2021. Facing Special Challenges Dirk Aschenbrenner, President of the German Fire Protection Association (vfdb): "vfdb as a strong supporter of INTERSCHUTZ welcomes the decision. As a network of experts for protection, rescue and security, we spoke out without hesitation in favor of postponing INTERSCHUTZ after the latest developments.” The postponement of INTERSCHUTZ is both responsible and appropriate" “Especially as organizers of the non-commercial segment of INTERSCHUTZ, we know that thousands and thousands of members of the fire brigades, rescue services and disaster control have been waiting for the world's leading trade fair with enthusiasm. But we also know that they in particular are sympathetic. After all, they will be facing special challenges in their daily work over the coming weeks and months. Our greatest concern is the safety of the population. The postponement of INTERSCHUTZ is both responsible and appropriate in view of the current situation.” Operational Readiness Of The Fire Brigades “We are also aware that even if the situation eases, the numerous exhibitors from Germany and abroad will still need sufficient time for their INTERSCHUTZ preparations. As vfdb, we will use the remaining months to process and communicate this event, which is highly relevant for civil protection. As regrettable as the current, unprecedented situation is, we will learn from it. And INTERSCHUTZ 2021 will undoubtedly be supplemented by a further topic." Hermann Schreck, permanent representative of the president of the German Fire Brigade Association (DFV): "We were very much looking forward to the 29th German Firefighters' Day and INTERSCHUTZ. However, in view of the development of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, maintaining the operational readiness of the fire brigades and rescue services has top priority for us in all considerations. The planning for the DFV's large joint exhibition stand and the accompanying events will of course continue at national and international level." Manufacturers Of Firefighting Technology INTERSCHUTZ is the future forum for the firefighting technology industry" Dr. Bernd Scherer, Member of the VDMA Executive Board, and Managing Director, VDMA Fire Fighting Equipment: "INTERSCHUTZ is the future forum for the firefighting technology industry, an industry that produces safety for people. In the current situation, this applies even more – to emergency and rescue services, but also to industry.” “After all, manufacturing companies also face ambitious challenges in economic terms, for example when proven supply chains are interrupted or production sites are affected by quarantine measures. Fortunately, none of this has yet been the case for manufacturers of firefighting technology. On the contrary: We are still in a unique economic boom phase.” Innovative Technology And Committed People “Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, we would like to hold an INTERSCHUTZ trade fair in which all forces are concentrated on what makes this unique exhibition of our industry so special: innovative technology and committed people who are completely dedicated to fire protection and rescue services. We look forward to it – together with you in June 2021!" For Rosenbauer, the health of all our visitors and partners, has absolute priority" Michael Friedmann, Head of Group Strategy, Innovation and Marketing, Rosenbauer International AG: "As a system provider in fire and disaster control, we have been committed to the safety of people and the protection of society for 150 years. For Rosenbauer, the health of all our visitors and partners, as well as that of our employees, has absolute priority. This is why Rosenbauer stands fully behind the postponement of the fair. We are certain that the industry's leading fair will be a great success in 2021 as well!" Economic Interests And Actions Werner Heitmann, Head of Marketing Fire Brigades and Authorities, Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA: "Our INTERSCHUTZ motto 'We protect you. At all times.' also means that we are now acting prudently and protecting all those involved in INTERSCHUTZ considering the current situation. We therefore support the postponement of the fair. The majority of visitors at our exhibit have always been fire brigades and aid organizations.” “As part of the critical infrastructure in Germany, it is essential to protect the emergency services to the best of our ability and not to expose them to unnecessary risks. The rescue forces must be prepared for action. Furthermore, we had planned a very large trade fair team in Hannover – we also have to protect them. Health and life always take precedence over all economic interests and actions of Dräger. In other words, 'Technology for Life'."

Rosenbauer Provides 13 Crash Tenders To Enhance Fire Security At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Over the coming months, Schiphol’s fire service will be phasing in 13 new Rosenbauer fire engines, also known as crash tenders. The airport’s fire service will be using them to deal with aviation incidents. The crash tenders belong to the largest and fastest category of fire engines. They will replace the current vehicles, which have reached the end of their service life after a period of 15 years. The new fire engines are equipped with the very latest fire-extinguishing technology. The fire service personnel can already fight a fire while approaching it in the vehicle, therefore extinguishing it even more quickly and safely. Simultaneously Extinguishing A Fire Navigation systems and infrared cameras will enable the fire service to drive safely through the airfield The vehicles can be driven while simultaneously extinguishing a fire, using large quantities of extinguishing agent in a short space of time: 13,300 liters of water, 1,600 liters of foam and over 250 kilos of powder. This extinguishing capacity will enable Schiphol to satisfy the strictest requirements in the future as well and allows the largest aircraft. Schiphol has an unusual site, with a lot of grass and fields. The new vehicles have special wide tyres and are equipped with technical features to enhance their all-terrain capacity. Navigation systems and infrared cameras will enable the fire service to drive safely through the airfield in adverse weather conditions such as fog, rain or snow. State-Of-The-Art Features “Schiphol’s fire service is permanently on call, day and night, ready to reach a runway within three minutes if necessary. We prioritize the safety of passengers and staff in our operations. I am proud of the fact that we will be using these advanced crash tenders,” says Dick Benschop, CEO of Royal Schiphol Group. "A complex environment such as Schiphol requires its own approach to safety. With a fire brigade that has been specially trained for the airport and with its own equipment for the specific environment of Schiphol. I am proud and happy with such innovative equipment that we can also deploy outside Schiphol if necessary,” says mayor of Haarlemmermeer Marianne Schuurmans. We are very proud that Royal Schiphol Group has placed their trust in us" “The vehicles represent the very latest in firefighting technology. They offer exceptional performance, are safe to operate and are equipped with state-of-the-art features, including the Rosenbauer tracking and navigation system. We are very proud that Royal Schiphol Group has placed their trust in us,” says Dieter Siegel, CEO Rosenbauer International AG. Fire-Fighting Techniques The fire team’s emergency response service consists of approximately 150 employees who can operate the new vehicles. Over the past 18 months, all the firefighters have undergone intensive training to ensure that they have the right skills. This year, Rotterdam The Hague and Lelystad Airport will also deploy new Rosenbauer crash tenders, three and two respectively. These vehicles are somewhat smaller, however, as smaller aircraft land at these airports. They are six-wheel drive (6x6) vehicles that can hold up to 10,000 liters of water, 1,300 liters of foam and 250 kilos of powder. Otherwise, the vehicles are virtually the same as those used at Schiphol. This standardization offers advantages for the maintenance and management of the vehicles, the fire-fighting techniques and of course the education and training of the fire service personnel.

Rosenbauer's EMEREC Operational Management System Aids Fire Departments Of The Swiss Cantons Of Obwalden And Nidwalden

The two cantons of Obwalden and Nidwalden are located in the heart of Switzerland, nestled in beautiful mountain landscapes of the Swiss Alps with high peaks, surrounded by lush green valleys, and picturesque serene lakes. However, this beautiful natural geography also brings with it many natural hazards to which the fire departments must adapt and respond to effectively, among other things with the help of the EMEREC operational management system. Since 2017, the fire departments of the Swiss cantons of Obwalden and Nidwalden have joined forces to form a fire department inspectorate. Over 80,000 inhabitants live in the operational area, which is largely rural. In addition to the specific geographical conditions, there are other challenges for the fire department: busy motorways with tunnels, three airfields, and a number of larger companies. There are also well-known tourist destinations with large hotels, ski resorts, and hiking areas, as well as many cable cars. Swiss fire departments rely on EMEREC The fire departments in the region must be prepared for and, above all, equipped for many dangers “The scenic backdrop is impressive, but the beautiful nature also holds dangers - streams, avalanches, lakes, storms, droughts leading to forest fires or flash floods have posed great challenges in recent years," says Stefan Enz from the Obwalden/Nidwalden Fire Department Inspectorate in Switzerland. In addition to this, there is heavy traffic and sometimes accidents on the busy transit routes. The fire departments in the region must therefore be prepared for and, above all, equipped for many dangers - from standard fires, through technical operations, to major catastrophes and natural disasters. EMEREC operations management system In order to maintain an overview of these challenging tasks, the Obwalden/Nidwalden fire departments inspectorate has adopted the EMEREC operations management system from Rosenbauer. "We have all operational plans, building information, and much more data pre-entered into the system. Thus, we always have the latest operational plans and essential data. Likewise, we can always query information on natural disasters when we are at the site of the operation," explains Stefan Enz. The benefits of the system are obvious to him, he says "It is easy to use, clear, requires little training, and is also available offline." A special partnership brings with it additional benefits: Rosenbauer's local distribution partner, Ecosafe, not only supplies its customers with the hardware and software for EMEREC, but also with its content. Ecosafe also creates a large number of contingency plans for emergency response organizations throughout Switzerland and is well acquainted with the dangers present in the region. Fire safety operations management EMEREC is already a valuable and helpful aid when managing missions Thanks to EMEREC, it is possible to maintain an overview and to provide an up-to-date, uniform picture of the situation for all participating emergency services, especially in the case of large-scale operations such as natural disasters with multiple operational sites. Communication and the exchange of information are essential success factors in the coordination and successful undertaking of such scenarios. However, the operations management system not only provides practical support in large-scale operations, but also in the everyday activities of the inspectorate's 19 fire departments. For Stefan Enz, it is clear that the modern EMEREC operations management system will continue to grow in importance over the coming years. Additional functions are already planned for implementation in the foreseeable future within the Obwalden/Nidwalden fire department inspectorate. EMEREC is already a valuable and helpful aid when managing missions. The use of this intelligent technology will certainly be expanded in the future in all likelihood.