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The ROSENBAUER Group one of the world’s largest manufacturer of  fire fighting vehicles. With its wide range of municipal fire fighting vehicles and aerials built to both European and US standards (NFPA), its extensive series of aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles (ARFF) and industrial fire fighting vehicles, advanced fire fighting components and fire & safety equipment, ROSENBAUER is the industry`s "full-liner".
ROSENBAUER is the international Group with the strongest sales and distribution organization for mobile fire protections and civil defence solutions. With its worldwide sales and customer service network, ROSENBAUER has a permanent presence in more than 100 countries. ROSENBAUER supplies its products to all target groups: Professional and volunteer fire brigades, industrial and airport fire brigades. 
The Group`s technological leadership is underpinned by a tradition of innovational strength, and by a system of institutionalized design management. Its central know-how lies in complex, custom-built fire fighting systems and vehicles. All the processes needed in this connection are united under one roof: design and production of all fire fighting systems, fire engineering superstructures and electronic and pneumatic control of the overall systems. 
ROSENBAUER International AG, headquartered in Leonding, Austria, is the Group`s holding company and derives 89% of its revenues from exports. As well as being the largest production company within the Group, it is also its worldwide competence center for fire fighting vehicles of the AT-series, aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles (ARFF), industrial fire fighting vehicles and for fire fighting components.

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Rosenbauer International AG news

7th International Exhibition for Security and National Resilience to take place in Abu Dhabi from 15 March 2016

Opening ceremony edutainment titled "The Aftershock II” will shed light on emergency response and public safety readiness scenarios  Under the auspices of His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice Chairman of Abu Dhabi Executive Council, the events of the seventh edition of the International Exhibition for Security and National Resilience (ISNR Abu Dhabi 2016) will kick off tomorrow, Tuesday, 15 March. Organised by the UAE Ministry of Interior and Reed Exhibitions - Middle East, ISNR Abu Dhabi 2016 will be held over the course of three days at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre (ADNEC) from 15 – 17 March. Fulfilling the need for homeland security solutions Major General Dr Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Vice Chairman of ISNR’s Higher Organising Committee, said: “The exhibition is a prominent international event in the field of security and safety in the Middle East and North Africa. It provides public and private sector decision-makers with the latest in security technology, critical infrastructure protection, emergency preparedness and response, and risk prevention. Major General Dr Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi said: “ISNR Abu Dhabi 2016 is an important platform to exchange ideas and experiences; to follow up on the latest achievements in the fields of security, and an opportunity to examine the latest developments in terms of advanced devices, equipment, and solutions used in the fields of security and safety.” Major General Dr Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, also noted that this international biannual event, hosted by the UAE, has become an important platform to meet the growing global demand for homeland security solutions, and support governments in the Middle East as they endeavour to protect their citizens and national critical infrastructure facilities, and to ensure stability in the region. He pointed out that hosting the world’s largest homeland security and national resilience event in Abu Dhabi is testament to the international, prestigious status of the UAE, and its leading global role as a mega global conferences and exhibitions organiser. Innovations in emergency response and public safety Major General Dr Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi explained that the ISNR Abu Dhabi 2016 opening ceremony will feature a world-class live edutainment performance titled "The Aftershock II”. The show will shed light on one of the exciting and innovative scenarios in emergency response and public safety readiness. The show will continue for three days. On the second day, the Sixth International Cybercrime Conference (IC3) and the Occupational Safety and Health -Middle East Conference (OSHME) will be held, during which participants will be able to communicate and exchange best practices with top international experts in this field. For his part, Ara Fernezian, Group Managing Director at Reed Exhibitions Middle East, said: “ISNR 2016, with a growth of 150 percent compared to 2014 in accordance of number of governmental buyers in its special program "ISNR Business Connect and Government Buyers,” while the percentage of the area grows more than 79 percent, exceeding 20,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor net exhibition space, and the number of the countries participating has increased up to 57, with a growth of 40 percent. In addition, the number of exhibiting companies has reached 530, with 6 sponsors.” Ara Fernezian added, “The number of the pre-registered visitors reached up to now 6,800 from 84 countries with a growth of 45 percent. Nearly 20,000 attendees are expected to attend, which makes a growth of 25 percent comparing to 2014, and experience industry-leading solutions. The event will host 70 international delegations, more than 60 seminars, and 10 live featured events and simulation demonstrations on emergency preparedness and disaster prevention; it will also feature a wide range of innovative security solutions.” Exhibitors and participants Ara Fernezian added that prominent UAE national companies will be participating in the 2016 edition of ISNR, notably: Etisalat; Business Automation And Security Systems; Atlas Group, Itimad Holdings; Exclusive Networks Middle East; Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC); Al Awael Est.; Tech Wise; Electronic Identity Management and Security Solution (EIMASS); Al Hamra Trading Est. Arabian Security Devices and Equipment Trading; Falcon Eye Technology LLC; Eye on Technology; Qartaja Trading Est.; Concorde-Corodex Group; International Golden Group; Tawazun Safety Security and Disaster Management City (JAHEZIYA); NAFFCO; Hader Security and Communication System LLC.; and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). The list of international companies participating in the exhibition also feature: Alvo Medical; AVIGILON; NEC Corporation; Airbus; VMware AirWatch; BAUER Compressors, Inc.; Yasin Group; Blue Coat; Bitdefender SRL; Thales; GET Group Holdings Limited; Dahua Technology Middle East FZE; Rosenbauer International AG.; Room Dimensions Iberica SL; Cyberoam Technologies Pvt Ltd; China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO); Kirintec; Maplin Electronics; MacNeillie; Morpho; Huawei; and Winsted Ltd. Moreover, Ara Fernezian stressed that the exhibition provides strong business opportunities for national and multinational companies operating in the Middle East, in a wide array of areas, including cyber security, homeland security, emergency response and workplace safety. He noted that the event is expected to be “the most active and interactive event” and will feature “a flurry of national, specialised, new and expanded events, conferences, exhibitions and pavilions."

Rosenbauer’s PANTHER ARFFs feature modern and eco-friendly Volvo engine

Rosenbauer PANTHER’s Volvo engine has been fitted with an exhaust gas control system for the reduction of nitrogen oxides They are already in operation in Bremen (DE), Linz (AT) and Lyon (FR) and the next versions are to be stationed at airports in Riga (LV) as well as Auckland (NZ), Cologne-Bonn and Dortmund (DE). The trucks in question are PANTHER ARFFs in which a Volvo engine has been installed for the first time. This engine is currently the most modern and environment-friendly power unit available for the Rosenbauer PANTHER fleet and is fitted with exhaust gas post-treatment, which means that it already meets the emission limits imposed by the Euro 5 exhaust gas standard. In future, the new Volvo engine will be employed for the entire PANTHER series, from the 4x4 to the 8x8 chassis and including all the variations with shortened or extended wheelbase and reduced width. In the 8x8 version, which is the most powerful PANTHER and has a total weight of up to 52t, the drive unit will be installed in a twin form. This configuration also allows the uncoupling of the two engines with some 1,400hp during an operational response with the result that the vehicle is powered by one engine, while the other drives the extinguishing technology (pump & roll operation). Even in this arrangement, the Volvo engine still provides better acceleration values than the strongest double engine used in the PANTHER to date, which at present makes the Rosenbauer flagship the world's most powerful ARFF. A robust power pack The Volvo engine for the PANTHER is a 6-cylinder, common rail diesel with exhaust gas turbocharger that generates 515kW/700 hp at 1,800 min-1. The engine was originally developed for maritime purposes, but the high-speed, 4-stroke is now used primarily in industrial, off-road machinery, powering construction, mining and transport equipment. With a cubic capacity of 16l, the base body is practically identical with the engines that Volvo installs in its most powerful trucks and buses. Moreover, the performance curve and exhaust gas regulation are also identical. However, installation at the rear of the PANTHER necessitated the redesign of the radiator and the exhaust gas lines and hence the individual certification of the engine as a separate on-/offroad unit with regard to the EURO 5 exhaust gas standard. The TAD 1662VE Volvo engine is characterized by the immense robustness and operational safety. It must function perfectly in the roughest of weathers, at extreme temperatures and when subject to severe vibrations, smoke, dust and other burdens. These are all features that are equally in demand with regard to an ARFF. Furthermore, they are augmented by top quality chassis components such as Kessler all-wheel axles and Allison and Twin Disc automatic transmissions, which are installed in the PANTHER and provide it with its unsurpassed handling.  Modern exhaust gas regulation Since 2004, Volvo engines have been fitted with an exhaust gas control system for the reduction of nitrogen oxides, which is called selective catalytic reduction, or SCR for short. The NOx emissions are reduced to the required level by a catalyst located downstream of the engine, while engine management with corresponding combustion temperatures ensures that a separate particle filter is not required, as no larger soot particles are created. In order to achieve with Euro 5 what is currently the next exhaust gas value level, the Volvo engine is fitted with additional AdBlue urea injection. In AdBlue technology, up to 5 per cent of urea is injected into the exhaust gas flow containing NOx in line with the engine load. This combined flow is then conducted through the SCR catalyst, which splits the NOx into nitrogen and water. The PANTHER is one of the world’s first ARFFs to possess a certified Euro 5 engine. New front monitor In the case of the PANTHERs for Linz and Lyon, which have been equipped with Volvo engines, the new generation RM15 has been employed as a front monitor. This is the first Rosenbauer monitor in its performance class to possess electrical volume adjustment. Moreover, if required, it can be fitted with an optional ChemCore nozzle, which emits water in combination with powder (1.5kg/s).   The new RM15 is lower and narrower than its predecessor and as the front monitor on the PANTHER, offers better front vision. In the course of a makeover, the monitor received a new design and with a throughflow volume of up to 1,500 l/min of water or water/foam mix, as well as throw distances of over 65m with water and 47m with foam (according to ICAO 414), its performance data sets new benchmarks. The RM15 is also the first Rosenbauer monitor to use the latest CAN bus technology, which is to be gradually introduced to the entire range. This allows the slower and therefore more precise steering of the monitor, which enhances the sensitivity of the monitor controls still further in order that the extinguishing agents can be applied with absolute accuracy to the seat of the fire from a greater distance.

Rosenbauer wins order from Saudi Arabian Ministry of the Interior to supply fire engineering equipment

Besides water tankers the supply contract also comprises pumpers and rescue vehicles Rosenbauer, the fire-equipment industry's leading manufacturer, has won an order from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of the Interior to supply fire engineering equipment worth a total of 245.3 m€. 1,125 vehicles are to be supplied, of various types and for various operational purposes, as are boats and other civil defence equipment. Besides water tankers built to European Standards, the supply contract also comprises pumpers and rescue vehicles manufactured to US Standards. In addition, heavy recovery vehicles, aerial ladders, boats and hydraulic rescue equipment have been ordered. Most of the vehicles are to be produced at the Rosenbauer plants in Leonding, Lyons (SD), Karlsruhe and Spain. Non-Rosenbauer-specific items such as boats are to be subcontracted to specialist vendors. The order as a whole is be fulfilled in several part-deliveries spread across the next 30 months, i.e. through until mid-2014. "This success underlines the Rosenbauer Group's industry-leading position yet again. Thanks to the highly satisfactory order trend over the past few months – and in contrast to the negative developments in the market as a whole – capacity utilization at our production facilities is assured for the next two years", comments the Rosenbauer Group's Executive Board Chairman Dr. Dieter Siegel. Rosenbauer's long-standing working relationship with the Saudi Arabian clients is founded upon the high quality of its products, which have been developed in close collaboration with the customer to meet local requirements.