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POK S.A.S Overview:

Quality products deserve quality people and engineering!

At POK we believe in our products and our ability to provide firefighters all over the world with the proper tools to save lives as well as minimize property damage.

We sell to distributors, manufacturers and end-users only what we thoroughly believe in. Any buyer should carefully inspect the product, as should the manufacturer. For this reason, before we deliver our products, each item is laboratory tested, wear tested in the field and put through a rigorous 'hands-on' test by end users for performance and quality assurance.

We grow in both personnel and product line daily. Our people know their products, guarantee performance, and provide state-of-the-art service. With one common goal in mind, POK USA, POK FRANCE, POK GERMANY, and POK ASIA will only ship the highest quality products with the proven ability to extinguish that devastating destroyer - fire. The only choice behind the scenes for the latest innovative firefighting equipment... POK.

Vision statement
To create the best firefighting equipment through hands-on workmanship, productive sales development plans, and an overall positive sense of spirit and dedication to compete whole-heartedly in the industry.

Mission statement
Our mission is to make the firefighting world a more positively equipped and safer environment. We strive to be recognized as the quality company for firefighting equipment in the fire, marine, industrial market and other hazardous environment industries by our customers, employees, vendors and other stakeholders.

Commitment contract
We at POK are committed to providing the best, quality, and price conscious firefighting equipment to our customers through each established sale. We commit to our customer's valued opinion, listen to customer feedback and act on it immediately! We commit to honest, fair practice of customer relations. We want our customers to feel that they have a personal relationship with the entire team at POK who knows, achieves and grows with the customers needs.

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