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AMKUS Rescue Systems
4201 Montdale Drive
United States of America (USA)

Telephone +1 (800) 592-6587
Fax +1 (219) 476-1669

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At AMKUS our mandate is to give rescue people the tools to save human life. We work to create the best Rescue Systems for this lofty goal. Only tools of the highest quality are good enough. Nothing else. That is why we at AMKUS are always two steps ahead of all those who make rescue tools only as a sideline. One step is our design, another our quality. At AMKUS, quality means life!

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Amkus AMK-30 RamAmkus AMK-30 Ram
AMKUS Rams have a unique base design for load distribution and the push/pull design allows the use of AMK-30CX chain package. Accessories are available for increased capabilities. ...
Amkus-25C lightweight comination toolAmkus-25C lightweight comination tool
Combination cutting/spreading/pulling tool Extremely lightweight, compact size for easy storage Ideal for "first response" applications Anodized for corrosion protection ...
Amkus Amk - 22 cutterAmkus Amk - 22 cutter
Amk - 22 cutter is designed to handle the advanced high strength steels in new model vehicles, not just NFPA. Its Unique 360 degree rotating handle with eight positions allows rescuer to pl...
AMKUS AMK-30CX  lightest weight, full size spreaderAMKUS AMK-30CX lightest weight, full size spreader
The lightest weight, full size spreader available Unique construction allows maximum usable force Tips remain parallel to the cylinder throughout the spread allowing them to stay i...
Amkus GH2A-MC Mini Power UnitAmkus GH2A-MC Mini Power Unit
Gasoline powered 4 cycle Honda® engine Uses lead free gasoline Easy to fill with large fill port on reservoir Includes spark arresting muffler Non-toxic mineral base hydrauli...