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Dräger is an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology. The family-owned company was founded in Lübeck, Germany, in 1889. Over the past five generations, Dräger has evolved into a publicly traded, worldwide group. The company's long-term success is based on the four key strengths of its value-driven culture: customer intimacy, professional employees, continuous innovation and a commitment to outstanding quality.

"Technology for Life" is the guiding philosophy. Whether in clinical applications, industry, mining or fire and emergency services, Dräger products protect, support and save lives.

The safety division offers customers products and services for an integrated hazard management, especially for personal and facility protection. The current portfolio comprises stationary and mobile gas detection systems, respiratory protection equipment, fire training systems, professional diving equipment as well as alcohol and drug detection units.

The current product range of the medical division includes anesthesia workstations, ventilators for emergency, critical and home care as well as warming therapy for premature infants. Patient monitoring, IT solutions, accessories and consumables, ceiling supply units, light systems and central supply systems for medical gases complete the portfolio.

Dräger has about 10,000 employees worldwide and is currently present in more than 190 countries. The company has sales and service subsidiaries in over 40 countries. Its development and production facilities are based in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, South Africa, the USA and China.

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Dräger Witnesses Surge In Demand For Ventilators, Medical Accessories, Masks And PPE In Light Of COVID-19 Pandemic

The worldwide spread of the corona virus is also a concern for Dräger (Drägerwerk Verwaltungs AG). They are seeing a significant increase in demand worldwide for ventilators, the corresponding accessories and personal protective equipment for especially health staff and frontline workers, along with the general global population at large. Employee safety and protection At the same time, Dräger (Drägerwerk Verwaltungs AG) stated that it is the company’s duty of care to provide the employees with the best possible protection and care. This presents Dräger with challenges that they reassess and solve every day.  Our goal is to maintain business operations with the purpose to fulfill our duty to provide our technology for life" "Our goal is to maintain business operations with the purpose to fulfill our duty to provide our technology for life to as many as needed. This motivates us to give our best every day, even in these difficult times," said Stefan Dräger, Chairman of the Executive Board of Drägerwerk Verwaltungs AG. respiratory and face masks To meet the high demand for products, Dräger (Drägerwerk Verwaltungs AG) has already significantly expanded the company’s facilities’ production capacities in recent weeks. The production facilities for respiratory masks in Sweden and South Africa are working at full capacity and are running around the clock to churn out medical products required during the on-going Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In medical technology, for example, Dräger is currently producing almost twice as many ventilators as before. They are working flat out to expand the production capacities even further. The fact that they invested in a future-oriented factory with state-of-the-art industrial production methods several years ago is paying off here. They have agreed innovative work organization and working time models with our employees. This gives us the necessary flexibility to react to the high volume of orders. They especially appreciate the commitment of the employees and are very grateful for their daily efforts to support the customers in helping others. ventilators and monitors In times of a pandemic, Dräger is committed to doing everything in power to fulfill social responsibility to provide for society worldwide. They have recently received major orders from the German Federal Ministry of Health to supply ventilators and monitors. However, also internationally incoming orders and deliveries of personal protective equipment and ventilators are significantly higher than in the previous year. Yesterday alone, for example, Dräger shipped over 100 ventilators from Germany to Italy. Repairs and installations will be in the foreground, routine activities will be handled subordinate to this It is not only the delivery of new equipment that is important for patient care. Existing medical technology must also function perfectly. That is why Dräger will maintain the service on site in the hospitals as long as possible and focus on the priority of the work on the functionality of products and services. Repairs and installations will be in the foreground, routine activities will be handled subordinate to this. They are in close coordination with the authorities in order to be able to continue to provide services even under difficult conditions. On-site service Stefan Dräger said, "I am aware that despite all our efforts we can only partially meet the current demand in the world. And believe me, we would like to do even more. But I can assure you: We do what we can. Our thoughts are with the doctors, nurses and rescue workers who are currently doing a great job for patients and society at large." Dräger is an international renowned medical company in the fields of medical and safety technology. Their products protect, support and save lives. Founded in 1889, The Dräger Group is currently present in more than 190 countries and has more than 14,000 employees worldwide.

Deutsche Messe Postpones INTERSCHUTZ By One Year Due To The Outbreak Of COVID-19

INTERSCHUTZ, which was scheduled for June 2020, will be postponed by one year. This is the mutual decision of the organizers and partners of the trade fair for fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety and security. The reason is the coronavirus, which directly affects both exhibitors and visitors of INTERSCHUTZ and requires them to be available for duty at other locations. INTERSCHUTZ will now take place from 14 to 19 June 2021 in Hannover. About three months before the actual start of the event, it is now certain that the next INTERSCHUTZ will take place in summer 2021. Exhibiting Emergency Aid Organizations More than 150,000 visitors from all over the world attend INTERSCHUTZ "The people who under ordinary conditions would have come to INTERSCHUTZ in June this year are precisely those who are most needed due to the coronavirus crisis," says Dr. Andreas Gruchow, Member of the Managing Board, Deutsche Messe AG. "As INTERSCHUTZ, we are part of the industry. With our decision, we therefore take responsibility and provide security in planning". More than 150,000 visitors from all over the world attend INTERSCHUTZ. However, in times of pandemic, helpers and rescuers are needed to maintain supplies and security. The same applies to exhibiting emergency aid organizations or authorities with security tasks whose capacities are needed elsewhere. Digital Deployment Technology But also exhibitors from the industry are directly or indirectly involved in the crisis situation, such as manufacturers of protective equipment, suppliers of digital deployment technology or even vehicle manufacturers whose customers cannot or are not allowed to visit a trade fair in this situation. We therefore would like to wish all the players and the entire INTERSCHUTZ community" "We were on an excellent path – and we are aiming for a strong INTERSCHUTZ," says Gruchow. "Under the current conditions, however, this is not possible. We therefore would like to wish all the players and the entire INTERSCHUTZ community all the best and every strength for the tasks ahead. We will see each other in Hannover in June 2021, where we will have the opportunity to take a detailed and analytical look at the pandemic – and what we can learn from it". Enormous Number Of Organizational Consequences Postponing a trade fair on the scale of INTERSCHUTZ has an enormous number of organizational consequences. The 29th German Firefighters' Day will also be postponed until next year: "The synergy between the trade fair and the top firefighters' meeting is important to us - the postponement is a joint decision," explains Hermann Schreck, permanent representative of the President of the German Firefighters' Association (DFV). The most important questions arising from such a postponement for exhibitors and visitors of INTERSCHUTZ will be published in an FAQ on the INTERSCHUTZ homepage. Further questions will be clarified via the usual communication channels. INTERSCHUTZ has a network of strong partners who have also voted for a postponement and who will now work with Deutsche Messe to set the course for a successful event in June 2021. Facing Special Challenges Dirk Aschenbrenner, President of the German Fire Protection Association (vfdb): "vfdb as a strong supporter of INTERSCHUTZ welcomes the decision. As a network of experts for protection, rescue and security, we spoke out without hesitation in favor of postponing INTERSCHUTZ after the latest developments.” The postponement of INTERSCHUTZ is both responsible and appropriate" “Especially as organizers of the non-commercial segment of INTERSCHUTZ, we know that thousands and thousands of members of the fire brigades, rescue services and disaster control have been waiting for the world's leading trade fair with enthusiasm. But we also know that they in particular are sympathetic. After all, they will be facing special challenges in their daily work over the coming weeks and months. Our greatest concern is the safety of the population. The postponement of INTERSCHUTZ is both responsible and appropriate in view of the current situation.” Operational Readiness Of The Fire Brigades “We are also aware that even if the situation eases, the numerous exhibitors from Germany and abroad will still need sufficient time for their INTERSCHUTZ preparations. As vfdb, we will use the remaining months to process and communicate this event, which is highly relevant for civil protection. As regrettable as the current, unprecedented situation is, we will learn from it. And INTERSCHUTZ 2021 will undoubtedly be supplemented by a further topic." Hermann Schreck, permanent representative of the president of the German Fire Brigade Association (DFV): "We were very much looking forward to the 29th German Firefighters' Day and INTERSCHUTZ. However, in view of the development of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, maintaining the operational readiness of the fire brigades and rescue services has top priority for us in all considerations. The planning for the DFV's large joint exhibition stand and the accompanying events will of course continue at national and international level." Manufacturers Of Firefighting Technology INTERSCHUTZ is the future forum for the firefighting technology industry" Dr. Bernd Scherer, Member of the VDMA Executive Board, and Managing Director, VDMA Fire Fighting Equipment: "INTERSCHUTZ is the future forum for the firefighting technology industry, an industry that produces safety for people. In the current situation, this applies even more – to emergency and rescue services, but also to industry.” “After all, manufacturing companies also face ambitious challenges in economic terms, for example when proven supply chains are interrupted or production sites are affected by quarantine measures. Fortunately, none of this has yet been the case for manufacturers of firefighting technology. On the contrary: We are still in a unique economic boom phase.” Innovative Technology And Committed People “Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, we would like to hold an INTERSCHUTZ trade fair in which all forces are concentrated on what makes this unique exhibition of our industry so special: innovative technology and committed people who are completely dedicated to fire protection and rescue services. We look forward to it – together with you in June 2021!" For Rosenbauer, the health of all our visitors and partners, has absolute priority" Michael Friedmann, Head of Group Strategy, Innovation and Marketing, Rosenbauer International AG: "As a system provider in fire and disaster control, we have been committed to the safety of people and the protection of society for 150 years. For Rosenbauer, the health of all our visitors and partners, as well as that of our employees, has absolute priority. This is why Rosenbauer stands fully behind the postponement of the fair. We are certain that the industry's leading fair will be a great success in 2021 as well!" Economic Interests And Actions Werner Heitmann, Head of Marketing Fire Brigades and Authorities, Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA: "Our INTERSCHUTZ motto 'We protect you. At all times.' also means that we are now acting prudently and protecting all those involved in INTERSCHUTZ considering the current situation. We therefore support the postponement of the fair. The majority of visitors at our exhibit have always been fire brigades and aid organizations.” “As part of the critical infrastructure in Germany, it is essential to protect the emergency services to the best of our ability and not to expose them to unnecessary risks. The rescue forces must be prepared for action. Furthermore, we had planned a very large trade fair team in Hannover – we also have to protect them. Health and life always take precedence over all economic interests and actions of Dräger. In other words, 'Technology for Life'."

Dräger Expands Innovative Protective Suits Portfolio With New Splash Protective Suits SPC 4400 And 4800

When performing decontamination, maintenance, inspection and cleaning work, handling oil or filling and transferring materials, concerned people often face the risk that their skin may come into contact with solid or liquid chemicals. Only a full body protective suit can prevent this from happening. Dräger (Drägerwerk Verwaltungs AG) has announced extending its portfolio with the new splash protective suits SPC 4400 and 4800 made from innovative coated CPM and CLF material, offering users the best protection possible in different conditions. Splash protective suits SPC 4400 and 4800 New splash protective suits offer protection against fine dust and powder, along with inorganic chemicals The new splash protective suits offer protection against fine dust and powder as well as many concentrated inorganic acids and bases, and enhanced resistance to a broad range of organic liquid chemicals. Users can choose from different suit designs to find the one that is the best fit for their individual requirements. The SPC 4400 is suited for basic tasks. The suit was developed for single use with a single-use dust mask, half mask or full face mask, a self-contained breathing apparatus and a compressed air hose device. The SPC 4800 offers enhanced protection and feature a face cuff similar to the one in the Dräger CPS gas-tight chemical protection suit. Liquid-tight seams, inbuilt gloves, socks and cuffs make the additional use of tape unnecessary. Full face mask and self-contained breathing apparatus The SPC 4800 has been designed for use with a full face mask coupled with a self-contained breathing apparatus, a powered air purifying respirator and a compressed air hose device. Dräger is an international renowned medical company in the fields of medical and safety technology. Their products protect, support and save lives.