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Bronto Skylift, situated in Tampere Finland, is the global market leader in truck mounted hydraulic platforms.  Bronto Skylift platforms can be divided into two categories based on the application area: rescue and fire fighting platforms, and access platforms.

The company has designed and manufactured platforms for nearly 50 years, during which period over 5500 units have been delivered to fire brigades and industrial customers throughout all continents in more than 120 countries.

Bronto Skylift has two facilities in Finland: the headquarters in Tampere and a production plant in Pori. The company has subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

Bronto Skylift has been part of Federal Signal Corporation since 1995.

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Pierce Manufacturing to become an exclusive North American distributor for Bronto Skylift aerial platforms

Pierce Manufacturing and Bronto Skylift have signed an exclusive distribution and supply agreement Pierce will offer Bronto Skylift products, including the 165’ RLP – the tallest aerial platform available in North America – on its industry-leading line of Arrow XT™, Impel™, Quantum® and Velocity™ custom chassis.Pierce Manufacturing, an Oshkosh Corporation company, announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution and supply agreement to market and support the Bronto Skylift line of aerial platform devices throughout North America. Pierce will offer Bronto Skylift products, including the 165’ RLP – the tallest aerial platform available in North America – on its industry-leading line of Arrow XT™, Impel™, Quantum® and Velocity™ custom chassis. Furthermore, the Pierce dealer network will provide comprehensive service, parts inventory, training and support for new and existing Bronto Skylift customers.“This is a major addition to our aerial device product line, and an important day for both Pierce and Bronto Skylift customers,” said Jim Johnson, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president, Fire & Emergency. “With this agreement, Pierce immediately expands upon its leadership in aerial apparatus to meet the rescue and firefighting challenges faced by fire departments. And of equal importance is our unmatched network of highly trained dealer organisations that are prepared to provide best-in-class service and support for existing Bronto Skylift customers.”“We think that the fire service will benefit as never before from the high quality, unique access devices that Pierce and Bronto will be working together to build,” said Esa Peltola, Bronto’s Managing Director. “We look forward to a bright future working with the Pierce team.”Pierce will market the Bronto Skylift RLP 100, 114, 134 and 165 aerial platforms – devices renowned worldwide for their impressive performance, reach and articulation. Pierce will mount and integrate complete aerial platforms received from the Bronto Skylift factory onto Pierce custom chassis.The Bronto Skylift line features enhanced up-and-over and below-grade reach to enable more effective rescues in a wide range of scenarios. The Bronto line also offers a telescopic cage boom, a large rescue platform with more room for firefighters, and a surprisingly compact design for excellent maneuverability.“For departments that respond to everything from very high reach to difficult below grade rescue situations, the Bronto product line is without peer for its versatility in the most challenging environments,” added Johnson. “Moreover, Bronto Skylift is an excellent and proven brand, with over 6000 units in operation around the globe. When combined with the performance of Pierce custom chassis and our unmatched support network, this is a win-win across the board.”

Bronto Skylift celebrates the 10th anniversary of ISO 14001 Environment Management certification

Bronto Skylift has always promoted the ecological sustainability of products Leading vehicle manufacturer showcases continued environmental awareness Bronto Skylift, the world's leading manufacturer of big truck mounted hydraulic platforms, has always been a pioneer in product development, but it has also been in the forefront in advancing the ecological sustainability of products. Bronto Skylift obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification in 1999, the first in its field to do so. At that time, most of the company's competitors were still struggling to get their quality systems certified - a certification Bronto had acquired some years previously. Today, sustainability is much broader term, encompassing companies' responsibility for the impacts of their activities not only on the environment, but also on employees, customers and communities. The total financial benefits of ethical and pro-environmental performance are sometimes difficult to quantify, but some clear and measurable changes in day-to-day operations can be shown. Bronto Skylift has succeeded in reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing through several actions, including: distillation of paint solvents, improved waste sorting and treatment of hazardous material, and refusing the use of propellent-driven aerosol containers. By taking the above measures the VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions per manufactured machine have been reduced by over 10 percent. Waste sorting and recycling have been part of everyday life in Nordic countries for decades, but Bronto Skylift has still managed to reduce the amount of dumping ground waste in its total waste from 30 to 10 percent during the last 10 years. Bronto Skylift is committed to financially, socially and ecologically sustainable business Manufacturing, however, represents only about 10 percent of the environmental impacts of the Bronto Skylift platfom during its entire life cycle. The high quality of our products means reliable performance for decades, longer service intervals and lower consumption of spare parts - all factors that reduce the environmental impact of product use. The company also facilitates pro-environmental features like the use of biodegradable hydraulic oil, separate power supply units, combustion engines and electric motors to reduce fuel consumption, exhaust gas emissions and noise. During the 2000s a new emphasis has been placed on social aspects. The well-being of staff has an effect on productivity and makes it easier to recruit new employees. Bronto Skylift has had several "open doors" days for the employees' families and local residents, and has also presented the company in local school classes. The aim of Bronto Skylift is doing financially, socially and ecologically sustainable business. The company has learned and showed that all three aspects can be combined.