Draeger Polytron IR infrared gas detector for the continuous monitoring of flammable gases and vapours

Draeger Polytron IR Detector
Model Code Polytron IR
Model Info


  • Configurable measuring ranges: The Polytron IR provides the option of user configurable parameters based on customer or application demands.
  • User-friendly calibration function: The Dräger Polytron IR can be calibrated in a user-friendly way with standard calibration gases.
  • Patented "Beam Block" warning signal: When the "Beam Block" warning signal is activated, the Polytron IR does not simply switch to fault but to a "stand-by mode": A warning signal is transmitted to the controller, whilst the measurement function continues in the background.
  • Performance features: Two versions (type 334 and type 340) with different measuring wave lengths for different hydrocarbons with different sensitivities. Double-compensating and non-imaging optics (with 4-beam process). A large gas library with up to 38 substances (of which 27 substances are performance approved in accordance with DIN EN 50054/50057). Configurable measuring ranges in LEL % , Vol. -% and ppm. Fast response behavior, supported by the "chimney effect" of the splash guard.
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