Draeger PIR 3000 explosion proof infra red gas detector for the continuous monitoring of flammable gases and vapours

Draeger PIR 3000 Detector
Model Code PIR 3000
Model Info


  • Suitable for the harshest conditions: Offers high reliability and excellent measuring performance, in relation to long-term stability.
  • Smart and flexible: Offers a gas library with three gas categories: methane, propane and ethylene. Therefore, nearly all hydrocarbons are detectable.
  • Performance features: Temperature-compensated and non-imaging optics. Gas library with 3 gas categories: Methane, propane and ethylene (typical of most hydrocarbons), performance approved in accordance with IEC 60079. Performance approval (in accordance with IEC 60079) for 13 further substances. Dirt and dust protection through hydrophobic splash guard. Failsafe infrared technology and low cost of ownership.
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