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Rosenbauer Mini-Pumper VehicleRosenbauer Mini-Pumper
Rosenbauer Mini-Pumper
Medium Duty, Engine/Pumper
Download Rosenbauer Mini-Pumper  datasheet

Rosenbauer T-REX VehicleRosenbauer T-REX
Rosenbauer T-REX articulating platform
Heavy Duty
Download Rosenbauer T-REX  datasheet
Rosenbauer BUFFALO VehicleRosenbauer BUFFALO
Rosenbauer BUFFALO
Rosenbauer Hazmat CL VehicleRosenbauer Hazmat CL
Rosenbauer Hazmat CL hazmat and decontamination vehicle
Medium Duty, Utility
Rosenbauer Hazmat GWG SOF VehicleRosenbauer Hazmat GWG SOF
Rosenbauer Hazmat GWG SOF vehicle for large-scale operations
Heavy Duty, Utility
Rosenbauer Hazmat SOF VehicleRosenbauer Hazmat SOF
Rosenbauer Hazmat SOF decontamination vehicle
Heavy Duty, Utility
Rosenbauer HLF 6500 (HTLF 40/65) VehicleRosenbauer HLF 6500 (HTLF 40/65)
Rosenbauer HLF 6500 (HTLF 40/65) rescue fire fighting vehicle with foam proportioning system
Rosenbauer Panther 4x4 VehicleRosenbauer Panther 4x4
Rosenbauer Panther 4x4 ARFF vehicle
Aluminum, Rescue/Squad
Rosenbauer Panther 6x6 VehicleRosenbauer Panther 6x6
Rosenbauer Panther 6x6 ARFF vehicle
Aluminum, Rescue/Squad
Rosenbauer PANTHER 6x6 USWB VehicleRosenbauer PANTHER 6x6 USWB
Rosenbauer PANTHER 6x6 USWB ARFF vehicle
Aluminum, Rescue/Squad
Rosenbauer Panther 8x8 VehicleRosenbauer Panther 8x8
Rosenbauer Panther 8x8 ARFF vehicle
Aluminum, Rescue/Squad
Rosenbauer TLF 3200/150 VehicleRosenbauer TLF 3200/150
Rosenbauer TLF 3200/150 forest fire fighting vehicle
Steel, Utility
Download Rosenbauer TLF 3200/150  datasheet
Rosenbauer TLF 3300/200 VehicleRosenbauer TLF 3300/200
Rosenbauer TLF 3300/200 forest firefighting vehicle
Download Rosenbauer TLF 3300/200  datasheet
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