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Amkus AMK-ERR100 Hose ReelAmkus AMK-ERR100
Amkus AMK-ERR100 electric rewind hose reel for 100 ft hose
50~100, Electric
Download Amkus AMK-ERR100  datasheet
Amkus AMK-ERR50 Hose ReelAmkus AMK-ERR50
Amkus AMK-ERR50 electric rewind hose reel for 50 ft hose
50~100, 5, Electric
Download Amkus AMK-ERR50  datasheet
Amkus AMK-RR100 Hose ReelAmkus AMK-RR100
Amkus AMK-RR100 manual rewind hose reel 100 ft hose
50~100, 5, Manual
Download Amkus AMK-RR100  datasheet
Amkus AMK-RR50 Hose ReelAmkus AMK-RR50
Amkus AMK-RR50 manual rewind hose reel for 50 ft hose
50~100, 5, Manual
Download Amkus AMK-RR50  datasheet
Banqiao Fire Equipment BQ04B Hose ReelBanqiao Fire Equipment BQ04B
Banqiao Fire Equipment BQ04B hose reel
Cervinka 0069T Hose ReelCervinka 0069T
Cervinka 0069T hose reel with a wall holder
Chemguard CHRS100 Hose ReelChemguard CHRS100
Chemguard CHRS100 - hose reel equipped with booster hose and hand line nozzle
50~100, Water, 1.5, Manual
Chemguard CHRS50 Hose ReelChemguard CHRS50
Chemguard CHRS50 - galvanized carbon steel hose reel has 250 psi pressure
50~100, Water, 1.5, Manual
COFFCO Fire Hose Reel-01 Hose ReelCOFFCO Fire Hose Reel-01
COFFCO Fire Hose Reel-01 ar made of 1.2 mm electro galvanized steel sheet
Water, 1, Electric
Coxreels 112-4-75-SS Hose ReelCoxreels 112-4-75-SS
Coxreels 112-4-75-SS
Coxreels 1125-4-100-SP Hose ReelCoxreels 1125-4-100-SP
Coxreels 1125-4-100-SP spring driven hose reels
Coxreels 1125-4-200-SP Hose ReelCoxreels 1125-4-200-SP
Coxreels 1125-4-200-SP spring driven hose reels
Coxreels 1125-5-100-SP Hose ReelCoxreels 1125-5-100-SP
Coxreels 1125-5-100-SP spring driven hose reels
Coxreels 1125-5-200-SP Hose ReelCoxreels 1125-5-200-SP
Coxreels 1125-5-200-SP spring driven hose reels
Coxreels 117-4-225-SS Hose ReelCoxreels 117-4-225-SS
Coxreels 117-4-225-SS
> 200
Coxreels 117-5-100-SS Hose ReelCoxreels 117-5-100-SS
Coxreels 117-5-100-SS
Coxreels 1175-6-100-SP Hose ReelCoxreels 1175-6-100-SP
Coxreels 1175-6-100-SP spring driven hose reel
Coxreels 1175-6-200-SP Hose ReelCoxreels 1175-6-200-SP
Coxreels 1175-6-200-SP spring driven hose reel
> 200
Coxreels ENL-N-335-SS Hose ReelCoxreels ENL-N-335-SS
Coxreels ENL-N-335-SS
< 50
Coxreels ENL-N-350-SS Hose ReelCoxreels ENL-N-350-SS
Coxreels ENL-N-350-SS
< 50
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