Fire Station Equipment Accessories in Canada (69 found)

Expo Management Inc. has two divisions: An in-house portfolio and a consulting services. Expo Management Inc is available for event planners, associations or show managers who wish to outsource a show management firm or project. If you are planning to bring an event to Canada or just need additional assistance in getting your show to market, then their experienced show management team can help. Their nationwide knowledge of venues, suppliers and our years of experience will ensure your event is produced successfully and on budget, while ensuring your organization is represented with the utmost professionalism.

3S Incorporated are experts in the specification, design, installation, and service of a wide variety of fire suppression systems and fire alarm systems for the industrial marketplace. 3S offers fire protection consulting services to help one determine the specific needs for their applications with project management, engineering, and code requirements.

ABC Fire and Safety is a one stop shop for fire, safety and suppression systems. They offer a wide range of products and services including Fire Equipment, First Aid/Medical Supplies, Emergency Medical Devices, Fire Extinguishers, Automatic Suppression Systems, Industrial Safety Supplies.

AFS Fire and Safety is a fire protection equipment supplier who carries high quality fire protection supplies. They have fire extinguishers, fire blankets, hoses, alarms and much more. In addition to general safety equipment, they carry fire safety and fire protection equipment. AFS Fire and Safety has fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems to help during real fires.

Amptec provides 24/7 monitoring for fire protection and security, and their products like sprinkler systems and carbon monoxide detectors will ensure that the facility is always safe. Amptec works with all kinds of facilities including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental.

Established in 1986, Banner Fire Equipment Inc. provides Illinois and Missouri fire departments with high quality fire equipment and services. In 1989, Banner became the exclusive dealer for Emergency One (E-One) in Southern Illinois and Eastern Missouri. The partnership between Banner Fire Equipment and E-One has resulted in the sale of over 300 emergency vehicles in the sales territory.

BFPE International is a 100% woman-owned Total Fire Protection Company serving all types of customers from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations located from Pennsylvania to South Carolina and Delaware to Ohio. They provide Fire Alarm and Detection Systems, Clean Agent Suppression Systems, Fire Sprinkler Systems, VESDA and High Sensitivity Smoke Detection Systems, Access Control and Security Systems and much more.

For over 2 decades, the Dutch company BMT Fire & Rescue has been the no. 1 specialist for the design, production, renovation and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment in the field of fire-fighting, breathing air and decontamination such as a.o. vehicles and containers. BMT is also dealer for the brands One Seven CAFS, Schmitz Fire & Rescue, Gimaex / Desautel Firetrucks and VS Focum Extinguishing Foams.

Brandon Fire & Emergency Services has four Fire Inspectors that perform various tasks in assuring that buildings and public areas meet or exceed ALL fire regulations. Their mandate is to ensure that residents and patrons of establishments within the City of Brandon and surrounding contracted communities have systems in place to protect life and property in the event of a fire.

Briggs & Forrester is an award winning building services specialist and is one of the industry’s largest independent contractors. They provide a wide range of services, such as Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Design, Installation and Commissioning, Facilities Management, Engineering Plant and Equipment Replacements, Energy Auditing, Part L Compliance, Low Energy Consulting, and Building Services Maintenance.

Brogan Safety Supplies, is a one-stop-shop for safety supplies and services. They provide a variety of safety equipment products, services and rentals, including everything from fire extinguisher inspections, gas monitor and breathing apparatus sales and service, to training for safety tickets.

Cain safety offers a wide range of fire protection services such as: sprinkler design and installation, dry chemical systems for underground fuel storage, CO2 fire protection, foam systems, FM-200 and 1301 HALON systems kitchen systems, extinguishers, forest fire equipment and hose processing, fire alarm control and detection equipment.

Canadian Industrial Fire Protection Co Inc. is structured to properly accommodate all clients, large & small. They perform residential, commercial and industrial installations, repairs and service at thousands of locations across Canada. They provide fire alarm and detection, automatic sprinklers, fire extinguisher training and much more.

Canmore Fire - Rescue Services serve a population of over 17,000 in the Town of Canmore and along the Trans Canada Highway. Canmore Fire - Rescue offers mutual aid services to our neighbors in the: MD of Bighorn, Morley, Kananaskis Country, The Town of Banff, and Banff National Park. The Canmore Fire - Rescue team consists of a fire chief, a deputy fire chief, four captains, four full-time firefighters, and 40 part-time firefighters.

Control Fire Systems Ltd. is a special hazard fire suppression system supply service company. They provide Fire alarm, fire suppression systems and fire extinguisher installation, inspections and maintenance in Toronto.

Our department exists to provide the citizens of Dallas the most effective and rapid emergency, fire, rescue, and prevention services in an ever-changing environment.

Don Brenton’s Fire Protection offer engineering design, project management and integrated logistics support services as part of a total procurement package for marine/shipboard and off-shore solutions. In addition, we provide a complete line of Conventional and Special Hazard Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Systems, along with portable fire, fixed fire and semi-fixed fire extinguishers.

echelon Consultancy is an award-winning procurement consultancy specializing in providing advice, support and training to public sector housing organisations, primarily in the field of asset management. Operating across the UK, echelon helps its large and diverse client base to achieve their goals and aspirations through its flexible service offering. echelon works closely with every individual client to understand their particular challenges.

Dedicated and highly trained volunteers provide fire and emergency services to the Town of Erin, whether the emergency is a fire, a motor vehicle collision, a C0 call, a medical emergency or any other type of emergency situation. Erin fire department provides a quick response to any emergency situation.

Excel Fire provides advanced fire suppression solutions for enterprises and businesses. Excel Fire Safety can service all brands of fire extinguishers and suppression systems. They also provide annual and semi-annual inspections with 6 year maintenance facility.

Febbex North America provide products and solutions for the suppression and extinguishing various classes of fires. The company is the exclusive distributor of the Prevento series of fire prevention agents in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. Their trademark product Prevento is a powerful extinguishing agent specifically developed for highly flammable materials like rubber, plastics and oils.

Fire Ready is fully insured, licensed, WSIB compliant, and dedicated to providing with the highest possible quality. They equip day-care facilities and retirement homes with the highest quality fire suppression systems.

First Response Inc. is an Alberta-based fire safety company that provides emergency and firefighting equipment, conduct firewater pump testing, and continuously inspect equipment.

Flame Tamer Fire & Safety Ltd. is a proudly owned and operated Canadian company and one of North America’s distributor/supplier of all fire prevention, fire protecting and fire detection product and services. They provide fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, exit and emergency lighting and much more.