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Rosenbauer introduces the lightest submergible pump in its class, Nautilus 8/1

Published on 5 February 2010


NAUTILUS is the lightest submersible pump in its class
Nautilus is based on the tried and trusted Rosenbauer pump technology


Rosenbauer, the technology leader in the fire industry branch, has started 2010 in innovative mood with the market launch of the Nautilus submersible pump.

The Fire Pump, which constitutes a completely new development, is a piece of core equipment in any fire service and is employed to pump out flooded cellars, wells and drainage shafts, as well as for the water supply of pumper trucks. Such pumps must be easy to handle and light, and should also be capable of providing suction that creates the flattest possible results. The Rosenbauer designers have now combined all these advantages in the innovative Nautilus.

With a gross weight of just 30 kg, the multitalented Nautilus is the lightest submersible pump in its class. Moreover, in addition to this low weight, two ergonomically shaped handles ensure that the pump can be carried in equal comfort by one person, or two.

The pump is ideally suited to flat suction and following pumping out at full power, a minimal water volume of just 8 mm remains. A flat suction unit is fully integrated into the pump, which makes the removal of the suction grille, or the mounting of an additional device unnecessary.

With a gross weight of just 30 kg, NAUTILUS is the lightest submersible pump in its class


The submersible pump, which has been tested in accordance with DIN 14425 Type TP 8/1 also meets the requirements of the ÖBFV (Austrian Professional Fire Services Association) standard. The output of the Nautilus is 17% higher than the minimum stipulated at 1 bar and thus a output volume of 935 l/min is attained at 1 bar and of 1,330 l/min at 0 bar. The Nautilus therefore numbers among the most powerful pumps in its class.

A practical cable holder ensures that the cable can be wound onto the pump directly, which saves space. In addition, integrated cable strain relief is provided in order to prevent damage to the cable guides.

Rosenbauer has also responded to the need for simple servicing, as by means of a control opening, users can themselves carry out a functional check on the mechanical seal at any time.

With this new development, Rosenbauer has brought a new class of submersible pump onto the market. The Nautilus is based on tried-and-trusted Rosenbauer pump technology and combines perfect design with the simplest possible operation.

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