Draeger PEX 3000 detector for monitoring flammable gases and vapours in ambient air

Draeger PEX 3000 Detector
Model Code PEX 3000
Model Info


  • Easy to install: Three wire connection to the transmitter's explosion-protected spring terminals creates a very quick and reliable electrical connection.
  • One-man-calibration: Maintenance is very simple, and can be conducted by opening the housing without declassifying hazardous areas.
  • Comprehensive explosion protection: Has been approved in accordance with the ATEX directive for ambient temperatures between -40 and +65 °C Approval is for potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres (zones 1, 2, 21 and 22). In addition, the PEX 3000 is measurement performance approved in accordance with EN 61779-1, EN 61779-4 and EN 50271 ATEX harmonised standards.
  • The detection of low concentrations: Equipped with a particularly low-drift sensor. This enables reliable detection of low gas concentrations between 0 and 10 % LEL.
  • Ideal system solution: The sensors are based on the catalytic bead (pellistor) detection principle. 
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