Draeger Pac 7000 detector that provides a reliable warning against dangerous concentrations of 14 different gases

Draeger Pac 7000 Detector
Model Code Pac 7000
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  • Warns against hazardous gas concentrations: The device reliably warns against hazardous concentrations.
  • Robust and long-lasting: Protective rubber ensures that the casing of the Draeger Pac 7000 is particularly shock-proof.
  • Simple calibration and configuration: The bump test mode and sensitivity calibration can be selected via a password-protected menu. The fresh air calibration can be optimally protected using a password.
  • Fast bump tests with the Dräger Bump Test Station: To perform an automatic function test with a known gas concentration within a matter of seconds, the device is simply inserted into the Draeger Bump Test Station.
  • Innovative miniature sensors: The innovative Draeger XXS sensors react quickly and produce reliable measurement results.
  • Triple alarm for extra safety: As soon as the adjustable alarm thresholds are exceeded, or values fall below the configured oxygen concentration, the Draeger Pac 7000 immediately issues an audible, visual and vibrating alarm.
  • 5-year guarantee option: Draeger offers an optional 5-year warranty for the hydrogen sulphide, oxygen and carbon monoxide monitors. 
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