Containment Systems in South Africa (21 found)

Intelagard, a privately held company based in Colorado, was founded in 1991 by Dennis Smagac and John Breedlove. Using advanced Compressed Air Foam technology, Intelagard’s first system was designed to protect high risk properties from wildfires. Ongoing product evolution has resulted in the issuance of a number of patents now held by the company. Intelagard products have received numerous awards for innovation. For over a decade, Intelagard has manufactured tactical, multi-purpose compressed air foam solutions for First Responders, Military, Homeland Security and Domestic Preparedness personnel, and industry. Intelagard systems are designed for multi-hazard response. The same unit can be used for vapor suppression on Monday, to decontaminate a lab on Tuesday, and for fire suppression on Wednesday by simply changing the formulation as appropriate. The patented Intelagard technology produces a unique foam bubble structure that adheres even to glass and inverted metal surfaces. Economical, and easy to operate and maintain, all Intelagard systems use commercially available foams and bio-remediation agents. Versatile and dependable, the Intelagard family of products provides cost-efficient and powerful emergency response solutions. For proven decontamination capabilities, fire suppression, vapor suppression, hazardous material containment and cleanup, and industrial spill remediation, Intelagard has a system to fit your needs.

For over 2 decades, the Dutch company BMT Fire & Rescue has been the no. 1 specialist for the design, production, renovation and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment in the field of fire-fighting, breathing air and decontamination such as a.o. vehicles and containers. BMT is also dealer for the brands One Seven CAFS, Schmitz Fire & Rescue, Gimaex / Desautel Firetrucks and VS Focum Extinguishing Foams.

Chimera Fire Protection Pty (Ltd) are dedicated to providing skills and knowledge in fire protection to effectively prevent unnecessary losses by fire. They believe that prevention is better than cure. This includes assisting, advising, designing and providing the most cost effective systems with the greatest value for money.

Decon7 Systems operates within the environment’s most dangerous pathogenic, chemical, and energetic hazards and threats. Decon7 offers the patented anti-microbial chemical D7 for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. D7’s adhesion allows for the longest contact time and was developed and formulated to be efficacious against a wide variety of organisms. D7 is used in a wide variety of industries, including biosecurity and public safety.

HAINZL Industriesysteme GmbH is one of Europe's renowned system providers in the fields of fluid and drive technology, fire safety, automation technology, and building technology. Their broad portfolio includes hydraulics, firefighting systems, smart building systems, gas filling stations and electronic systems, among others.

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA is active worldwide with leading innovations, brands & technologies in the business area of Adhesive Technologies (adhesive technologies) and chemicals used in fire safety and protection applications.

IEP Technologies is a globally renowned provider of explosion protection systems and services. For over 60 years we have provided protection solutions that can suppress, isolate and vent combustible dust or vapor explosions in process industries. IEP Technologies operates through locations in the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, U.K., France and Turkey designing and servicing systems.

Founded in 2005, Mold n’ More Decontamination, Inc. set out to improve the lives of people by providing innovative solutions to hidden chemical and biological hazards many are exposed to on a daily basis. They offer revolutionary cleaning agents (disinfectants/decontaminants) for larger facilities currently used by the Biopharma industry and others.

Perimeter Solutions brings the safest, most effective and environmentally friendly products along with fast, responsive, and exceptional service to the customer. They are involved in the fire safety and oil additives industries.

German Manufacturer: Automatic fire protection systems for wind turbines, mining vehicles, industrial and restaurant kitchens, electric cabinets and vehicles. Technology that meets both the highest safety and economic requirements.

Rosenby Engineering develops smart fire safety solutions for modern ships and the maritime industry. Their flagship product is the HydroPen System - a firefighting device designed to extinguish fires inside shipping containers and other enclosed spaces. The innovative & award winning firefighting equipment can perform fully automatic & direct firefighting in containers both at heights, at deck level & below deck.

Sempa Systems GmbH does Ultra Pure facility installations. They design and manufacture stainless steel Gas and Chemical supply systems. They also offer solutions for high purity gases and precursor chemicals. Their products ensure the integrity of the material from the supply vessel into the process chamber, ensuring utmost up-time and maintaining highest quality of standard.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba is a family-owned company specializing in cleaning and disaster restoration services here in Chicago and suburbs. As the area’s leading experts in the field, they offer home and business owners the best professional water and fire damage cleanup and restoration services available.

Spectrex is a leader in Flame and Open Path Gas Detectors field. They are fully committed to enhance the safety of your employees, capital investments and to the environment. Being the first to launch major innovations that have become trade standards such as the first UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detector designs we continue to offer over 40 different FD designs to meet application challenges from Offshore to Mall Floors, from Alaska to Malaysia.