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Holmatro showcased new products at Interschutz 2010

Published on 14 June 2010
Innovative products were displayed by Holmatro at Interschutz 2010
Products displayed by Holmatro will help in more effective rescue and techological work 

At Interschutz 2010,  Holmatro launched a variety of innovations making rescue quicker, safer and easier.

Extendo ram XR 4360 (C)

A brand new Holmatro concept combining manual and hydraulic extension. Ideal to bridge gaps quicker and with more precision than ever before. You simply pull it out and start spreading immediately. The Extendo ram saves valuable time when every second counts.

Ram support HRS 22 NCT

New ram support for a perfect fit on the wider door sills and B-pillars common in modern vehicles. Teeth providing grip ensure that it can also be used on older model cars.

Personal Power Pump SPU 16 PC

New lightweight portable petrol pump incorporating 3-stage pump technology. This technology allows for faster tool operation when possible and more control when you need it. Its low noise level supports easy communication at the rescue scene.

Motor pumps SP 10 P(C) / TP 10 P

New compact lightweight motor pumps, easy to carry and store. Equipped with a robust frame to protect the pump in storage and during heavy use.

Hand-operated Power Wedge HPW 4624

New addition to Holmatro's line of self-contained rescue tools operating without a separate pump and hose(s). Creates the initial space required for positioning a combi tool, spreader or lifting bag. The first tool to use in a progressive lifting operation and therefore complementary to other rescue equipment in USAR kits.

Products like power wedge, mini cutter, concrete cusher drew visitors attention at Intershutz 2010

Mini cutter CU 4007 (C)

New versatile mini cutter with an excellent performance on both round and flat profiles. Suitable for applications such as cutting car pedals, head restraints and (in USAR operations) re-bar. Easy to use in confined spaces thanks to extremely compact design with push button for one-handed operation.

Concrete crusher CC 20 (C)

New mobile concrete crusher for heavy use during USAR operations. Breaks up large, thick pieces of concrete. Developed to provide quick access into collapsed structures after an earthquake or explosion.

Holmatro RFID

New free online equipment management system for easy identification of an organization's rescue tools including their exact location. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is a technology using radio waves to transmit information. This proven technology does not interfere with existing communication systems. All Holmatro rescue tools, pumps, hoses and lifting bags are standard equipped with RFID tags.

See the following link  for the longer version press releases of all innovations or contact the Holmatro Rescue Equipment marketing department: at the following mail id or this id. 

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