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FIA encourages managers to regularly test fire safety equipment

Regular fire safety equipment check
All fire detection and alarm equipment
needs to be regularly tested to
ensure it is fully functional - Becky Reid

A regular check of fire safety equipment helps to maintain the safe environment of the premises.

Commercial premises owners and the responsible person in such places may want to ensure they regularly test their fire detection and alarm systems in order to avoid the fate of one hotel manager.

Plume of Feathers hotel manager Michael Martin was hauled before magistrates and charged with fire safety breaches after a fire detection and alarm system at the establishment failed to activate when a fire broke out.

Despite the fact that the hotel had a full automatic detection system, it had not been adequately tested by the manager and did not activate even after the "break glass" call points were smashed.

In the end, Mr Martin and his staff had to wake up the nine people who were in residence when the fire broke out in July last year, which landed him a £5,300 charge in fines and costs.

Commenting on the news, Becky Reid, marketing manager at the Fire Industry Association, said: "It shows how important it is to not only have fire risk assessments conducted, but for the assessment to be implemented as well."

She went on to state that all fire detection and alarm equipment needs to be regularly tested to ensure it is fully functional.

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