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Ballyclare displays new range of Pionér and Xenon fire garments at A+A 2017

Published on 17 October 2017
Ballyclare exhibits Pionér and Xenon heat-resistant and flame-retardant garments at A+A exhibition
Ballyclare will display Xenon fire garments range at A+A 2017

Europe’s leading trade exhibition covering safety, security and health at work gave specialist workwear manufacturer Ballyclare an excellent opportunity to highlight the breadth of its offering to these different sectors.

At the A + A event in Dusseldorf. the company displayed examples of both its multi-norm and flame-retardant Pionér workwear, and its Xenon multi-layered and multifunctional fire garments, underlining the extensive experience that the company has as a major manufacturer and supplier to these and other workwear markets.

New Pionér garments

Examples of Ballyclare’s newly extended Pionér range were shown at the exhibition. Specifically designed to provide outstanding protection to those working in dangerous conditions and demanding weather environments, the heat-resistant and flame-retardant garments in the Pionér range include a wide choice of coveralls. cargo trousers, jackets, salopettes and base layer garments.

“We have recently added various new items to this range, including multi-norm high visibility jackets and trousers that have already proved to be very popular in other sectors such as the rail industry, plus various new, flame retardant multi-use jacket and trouser options,” says Ballyclare Managing Director, Carlton Greener.

Xenon thermal protection

Also prominent on the Ballyclare stand was the company’s range of Xenon fire garments which have been developed with a strong focus on health and safety matters. “While the issue of free and easy movement for the wearer was a requirement for the Xenon range, we were primarily concerned to develop garments which provided maximum levels of health and safety protection,” adds Carlton. 

The Xenon fire suit
combines all the standard Xenon benefits to create
the ultimate firefighting kit

“The Xenon with GORE PARALLON System garments deliver high levels of thermal protection and help to prevent dangerously high body temperatures. Crucially, they also maintain that level of protection when wet.

This reduces the likelihood of heat stress and exhaustion that can impact the firefighter’s decision-making process. It also gives firefighters more time to escape from dangerous situations. Once away from the heat sources, Xenon garments also allow the wearer to cool down quickly, making them more comfortable to wear over long periods.”

A key feature of the Xenon display was a new concept Xenon fire suit which Ballyclare has developed. It combines all the standard Xenon benefits with new fabric, fastenings and design features to create the ultimate in protective, comfortable and reliable firefighting kit.

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