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LOR FRN-0602U RadioLOR FRN-0602U
LOR FRN-0602U remote control system, 91 m range
LOR LC Series RadioLOR LC Series
LOR LC Series 900 MHz radio remote system with 16 digital channels
LOR LDA Series RadioLOR LDA Series
LOR LDA Series radio remote control system with 21 digital channels
Midland Radio 71-0110 Series RadioMidland Radio 71-0110 Series
Midland Radio 71-0110 Series radio with 100% continuous duty, 110 watt
110, Lo Band, Base Station
Midland Radio 71-3050 Series RadioMidland Radio 71-3050 Series
Midland Radio 71-3050 Series radio available in repeater/base station configurations
45, VHF, Base Station
Midland Radio 71-3110 Series RadioMidland Radio 71-3110 Series
Midland Radio 71-3110 Series radio for high RF noise environments
110, VHF, Base Station
Midland Radio 71-4050 Series RadioMidland Radio 71-4050 Series
Midland Radio 71-4050 Series radio for 100% continuous duty, 99 channels
45, UHF, Mobile
Midland Radio STM-1050B RadioMidland Radio STM-1050B
Midland Radio STM-1050B radio with high resolution LCD display
Midland Radio STM-1055B RadioMidland Radio STM-1055B
Midland Radio STM-1055B radio, 255 zones / 999 channels, tactical grouping
Midland Radio STM-1115B RadioMidland Radio STM-1115B
Midland Radio STM-1115B radio, fully programmable, digital/analogue
110, VHF
Midland Radio STM-4045A RadioMidland Radio STM-4045A
Midland Radio STM-4045A radio with digital/analogue multimode
45, UHF
Midland Radio STP-105B RadioMidland Radio STP-105B
Midland Radio STP-105B radio fully programmable P25 compliant - 7.5 oz
5, VHF, Mobile
Midland Radio STP-404A RadioMidland Radio STP-404A
Midland Radio STP-404A radio, digital, analogue, multimode functions
UHF, Mobile
ModUcom Ultra-Com IP E911 RadioModUcom Ultra-Com IP E911
ModUcom Ultra-Com IP E911 fully digital radio console
Base Station
Motorola APX 7000 RadioMotorola APX 7000
Motorola APX 7000 - multi-band portable firefighter radio - 700/800 MHz and VHF
VHF, Portable
Motorola Astro XTL 5000 RadioMotorola Astro XTL 5000
Motorola Astro XTL 5000 digital mobile firefighter radio with enhanced ergonomic design
VHF, Mobile
Motorola XTS 5000 RadioMotorola XTS 5000
Motorola XTS 5000 - tough interoperable digital portable radio for firefighters
Niros HDX 6000 RadioNiros HDX 6000
Niros HDX 6000 portable TETRA-radio with 3 W RF output power
Niros TRX 1012 RadioNiros TRX 1012
Niros TRX 1012 4 professional radio with large user-friendly buttons for easy operation
5, UHF, Portable
Niros TRX 5004 RadioNiros TRX 5004
Niros TRX 5004 modern radio with 999 channels, programmable FM/PM
5, UHF, Portable
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