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Elkhart Brass S-319 Adapter/FittingElkhart Brass S-319
Elkhart Brass S-319 adapter
6.0, 3.0, Female/Female
Download Elkhart Brass S-319  datasheet
Kochek K34R33 Adapter/FittingKochek K34R33
Kochek K34R33 3 inch Camlock Female to 3 inch Rigid Female Thread Adapter
Cam Lock, Aluminum, 3.0, 3.0, Female/Female
Kochek K37R33 Adapter/FittingKochek K37R33
Kochek K37R33 3 inch Camlock Male to 3 inch NH Rigid Female Adapter
Cam Lock, Aluminum, 3.0, 3.0, Female/Male
Kochek K37R34 Adapter/FittingKochek K37R34
Kochek K37R34 3 inch Camlock Male to 4 inch NH Rigid Female Adapter
Cam Lock, Aluminum, 4.0, 3.0, Female/Male
Kochek K73R345 Adapter/FittingKochek K73R345
Kochek K73R345 3 inch Camlock Female to 4.5 inch Rigid Male Adapter
Cam Lock, Aluminum, 4.5, 3.0, Female/Male
Kochek S60S325 Adapter/FittingKochek S60S325
Kochek S60S325 3 inch Storz to 2.5 inch Storz Thread Adapter
Storz, Aluminum, 2.5, 3.0, Universal
Potter Roemer 2835 Adapter/FittingPotter Roemer 2835
Potter Roemer 2835 brass hexagon-type bushing with male thread larger than female thread
Potter Roemer 2937 Adapter/FittingPotter Roemer 2937
Potter Roemer 2937 - 3 inches double lug coupling with cast brass finish
Potter Roemer 2944 Adapter/FittingPotter Roemer 2944
Potter Roemer 2944 - 3 inch double lug coupling with two expansion rings
Shurjoint K-9 - 3 Adapter/FittingShurjoint K-9 - 3
Shurjoint K-9 - 3 rigid coupling with max. working pressure of 300 psi
Shurjoint R20 3 Adapter/FittingShurjoint R20 3
Shurjoint R20 3 butt-joint rigid coupling, 3 inch inlet
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