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Withdrawal of 27 fire engines sparks anger in Fire Brigade Union

Fire Engines one of the most vital part in firefighting
The London Fire Brigade has withdrawn 27 fire engines from its fleet

The sudden withdrawal of fire engines has brought fire safety at stake within the city of London. FBU has strongly criticized this stand.

The Fire Brigades Union condemned the London Fire Brigade for withdrawing 27 fire engines from use the day before the FBU strike ballot is due.

FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack said: "This is nothing but provocation. The result of our strike ballot is not even out yet, but the Chief Fire Officer has taken away 27 fire engines from local stations and local communities, when fire fighters are there and ready to use them. The Brigade has a duty to consult with staff and public over reductions on fire cover. It failed to do so."

The FBU acted after reports that:

  • London Fire Brigade has this morning, unannounced, removed 27 fire appliances from frontline cover
  • Appliances are to be used by strikebreaking service (AssetCo) in the event of a strike
  • Removed appliances have not been replaced
  • Stations where appliances have been removed have been re-designated as one-appliance rather than two-appliance stations
  • 27 appliances equates to almost a fifth of London's entire fleet
  • Staff has not been informed of any new mobilising arrangements. It will cause huge confusion.

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