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Wanted: The "toughest" fireman in the world for Interschutz 2010

Published on 8 July 2009

Competitors are needed for the "toughest fireman in the world" challenge to be held at INTERSCHUTZ 2010
Competitors are needed for INTERSCHUTZ 2010 "toughest fireman in the world" challenge
International event call for competitor firefighters!

An absolute highlight of the supporting program and a big crowd favorite at INTERSCHUTZ involves the spectacular contest for the title of "toughest fireman in the world".

In 2005 more than 20,000 spectators witnessed this four-day event which drew 140 active participants to Hannover. The individual activities demand the utmost of contestants, who need to compete in full gear and give their all - and sometimes more.

Things are set to be even more exciting at INTERSCHUTZ 2010, as a new K.O. system has been introduced: two firemen will compete each time toe-to-toe, with the winner taking all.

And at the final station, which involves rushing to the top of a tower, spectators can watch the two contestants' every move all the way to the top.

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