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The topic of rescue services is a fixture at INTERSCHUTZ

Published on 23 June 2009

Firefighters demonstrating their rescue skills at INTERSCHUTZ 2005
Firefighters demonstrating their rescue skills at INTERSCHUTZ 2005
Exhibitors present innovative products - live teams demonstrate them in action

Conflagrations, flooding, earthquakes and drought - on the one hand, Mother Nature is constantly confronting humanity with new challenges. But on the other, we also need to be able to deal with manmade problems like acts of terror, severe traffic accidents or explosions. In all of these cases, fast relief is of the essence.

Currently, fire brigades and emergency relief services across the globe are faced with a major realignment of their complex tasks. New technologies and operational methods, more efficient system integration, improved international cooperation - the advantages of all of these will be amply demonstrated at INTERSCHUTZ 2010.

Rescue services in the spotlight

Rescue services will be strongly represented at INTERSCHUTZ 2010. Participating emergency relief organizations will demonstrate their high level of expertise and training, including perfect deployment of state-of-the-art medical technology and sophisticated electronics. A high degree of mobility and flexibility are fundamental prerequisites for sustained success in rescue operations. Big-name automotive and car body manufacturers like Binz, Dlouhy and Miesen will be represented, showcasing their latest developments in rescue vehicles and ambulances. They will be joined at the show by providers of medical and electronic equipment.

The topic of rescue services is always a fixture at INTERSCHUTZ. At the 2005 installment of the show in Hannover, some 40,000 visitors reported being primarily interested in this display category. At INTERSCHUTZ 2010, a special area in Hall 2 will be dedicated to "self-rescue" topics as well as to "outside" rescue services and techniques.

This display sector is a must for anyone who is active in rescue and emergency relief services. Considering the fast pace of developments in information technology - for example, rapid data transmission from mission control centers to onsite rescue squads - there is a burning need to keep up to date. "Self-rescue" techniques as well as the latest technical innovations for localizing firefighters at the site of a blaze are just some of the topics to be covered in Hall 2. And as a result of the demographic shift, rescue operations involving older people have become a subject of growing importance.

Rescue services in transition: 11th DRK Congress for Rescue Services convenes in Hannover

Rescue services will feature strongly in the supporting program at INTERSCHUTZ 2010
Rescue services will feature strongly at INTERSCHUTZ 2010

Rescue services will figure as an important part of the supporting program at INTERSCHUTZ 2010. The overall direction rescue services need to take was already made clear at the 11th Rescue Services Congress of the German Red Cross (DRK), held recently at the Hannover exhibition center from 19 to 21 March.

A total of 1,000 people attended to find out the latest information on the changing face of rescue services in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Topics included the changed policy framework for issues like intra-European competition, domestic and foreign security in the face of new threats, social and demographic trends and their impact on health care and - last but not least - the individual positioning and integration of emergency relief services within the context of a united Europe.

26th Rescue Services Congress at INTERSCHUTZ 2010

The 26th German Rescue Services Congress will take place on 11 and 12 June during INTERSCHUTZ 2010 in Leipzig. The organizers are S+K Verlag publishers in cooperation with Deutsche Messe and vfdb (German Fire Protection Association). With some 2,000 attendees anticipated, the congress venue represents an acknowledgment of the key role enjoyed by rescue services at the show.

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