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TenCate secures large order for Defender™ M fabric from Norwegian FLO

Published on 19 April 2010
Defender(TM) M fabric is unique due to its anti static, heat and fire proof properties

The Norwegian Defence Logistic Organisation has ordered for Defender™ M fabric from TenCate  

TenCate Protective Fabrics has secured an important order from the Swedish manufacturer Gulins Business Design AB.

The contract is for supply to the Norwegian FLO (Defence Logistic Organisation) of inherently flame-resistant TenCate Defender™ M fabric in the new colour dark blue. This involves fabric for more than 25,000 sets of clothing in two years, to protect the Norwegian marines.

This order is the result of ongoing product development based on specific customer needs. Thanks to patented technology and the success of TenCate Defender M that was developed by TenCate Protective Fabrics in the US, the Research & Development team of TenCate Protective Fabrics in Nijverdal (the Netherlands) has realized a new composition. Therefore this protective fabric is now also available in dark blue and black.

TenCate Defender M was already available in a variety of camouflage patterns and solid colours for the uniforms of land and air forces. It can now also be used for other markets, such as Marine Corps and police forces (including riot police and special squads), which principally wear the colours black or blue for their operations. The fabric for this order will be produced in Nijverdal (the Netherlands).

Ramon Overdijk, Marketing & Sales Manager of TenCate Protective Fabrics EMEA explains: "The characteristics of TenCate Defender M are unique. In addition to the excellent protection it provides against heat and fire and its anti-static properties when there is a risk of explosion, the fabric is also exceptionally comfortable to wear, allowing great freedom of movement. The fabric is cooling, breathable and moisture-regulating, thanks to the use of Lenzing® FR rayon fibres in its composition; it is also durable and provides excellent resistance to wear, tear and fading. As an optional extra TenCate Protective Fabrics offers a durable finish that repels petrol splashes."

TenCate expects total revenues from TenCate Defender M products to increase further, which will involve a wider geographical spread of sales as well as expansion of its applications. Military wear trials are currently being conducted in several European NATO countries. TenCate will not be issuing any further statements about these trials.

The Lenzing FR® fibre is a key ingredient of TenCate Defender M fabrics

European wearer trials

Continued development and innovation of the TenCate Defender M product portfolio is focused on new applications and new functionalities, such as laminates and stretch. Collaboration with fibre suppliers and garment makers, and in particular with the military organizations involved, is of strategic importance in developing products that meets the wishes and specifications of soldiers, marines and police officers.

Breathable and comfortable

TenCate and fibre producer Lenzing from Austria have combined their knowledge of development and production of flame-resistant fabrics with fibres that are inherently flame-resistant and comfortable to wear. The Lenzing FR® fibre is a key ingredient of TenCate Defender M fabrics. Unlike other flame-resistant fibres, Lenzing FR® fibre not only offers inherently flame-resistant properties but also absorbs moisture. This combination makes the fabric breathable and comfortable to wear.

Standard fabric

TenCate Defender M fabrics continue to be selected as the fabric of choice for flame-resistant combat uniforms worn by the US Army and the US Marine Corps. The responses from the field regarding TenCate Defender M fabrics are consistently positive, and data show a reduction in the number of injuries related to IED (improvised explosive devices) attacks.

Since 2007 TenCate received official commendations from both the US Army and the US Marine Corps for the excellent quality of its products and services.

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