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Steve Gilkeson of Perfection Uniforms discusses uniform performance in interview

Published on 15 August 2007
Perfection Uniforms is the leading manufacturer of uniforms especially firefighter fire safety uniforms and is known for its innovative designs and wear testing of products.
Perfection Uniforms produces image oriented performance apparel 

Steve Gilkeson, VP of Marketing, talks about Perfection Uniform’s innovative approach to the uniform market.

 Perfection Uniforms
“Perfection has specialized in image oriented performance apparel for over 50 years, servicing such brands as L.L. Bean, as well as uniformed agencies such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Our “high needle/high technology” expertise has led to a uniquely new approach within the uniform market, essentially redefining both design and fabric performance."

Design performance
“Our Perfection EGC System (Ergonomic Garment Construction) providing enhanced comfort, mobility, and extended wear life:

  • EGC System trouser waistband construction, with hidden elastic, expanding 2-4 inches on demand
  • EGC System trouser construction, with a hidden gusset for multi-directionalmovement
  • EGC System shirt construction, with a hidden gussets for multi-directional movement.”

Fabric performance
“Our Perfection X-Factor Fabric Technologies, featuring high performance fabrications enhanced by H2Tech, H2 UltraDye, and H2 Flex processes:

Our “high needle/high technology” has led to a unique design and fabric performance

  • H2Tech provides superior hydrophobic resistance to water, oil & other liquids on the surface, while inside hydrophilic properties wick moisture away from the body.
  • H2 UltraDye provides superior color depth & retention
  • H2 Flex provides enhanced comfort with engineered stretch
  • H2 Fabrics feature a UPF 40 rating for UV sun protection.”

Improvements are available in different fabrics

  • MatrixSeries – Poly/Cotton Twills (Winner of the 2007 Univator Award for “Most Innovative New Uniform Program”)
  • PinnacleSeries – Poly/Cotton Poplin
  • StratusSeries – Poly/Rayon Tropical & Serge
  • SuperNaturalSeries – Poly/Wool Tropical & Serge
  • EclipseSeries – Performance Synthetics”

Improvements are adaptable to existing programs
“The Perfection EGC System & X Factor Fabric Technology enhancements will blend seamlessly into existing agency programs & budgets. Custom programs incorporating these advances are also encouraged.”

Agency wear testing
“Perfection actively encourages complimentary agency wear testing.”

Access to Perfection Uniforms
“Perfection uniforms are represented nationally by the Unison Marketing Group, and sold & serviced through our Valued Dealer Network. Territorial rep & Valued Dealer locations are listed at our company website.”

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