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Southern California Firefighters Get Morale Boost from Texas Supporters

Firefighters battling deadly Southern California wildfires last week got an extra measure of comfort and support from people in Texas they've never met.

Sandra Dinkins, of Dallas suburb Garland, was struck by the overwhelming task the California firefighters faced combating fast-spreading fires in gale-force winds. She, and the Garland Prayer Support Team she leads, wanted to do something tangible to show their support. The group supports and prays for community leaders, especially police and firefighters.

Dinkins' group decided to send Psalm 91 Firefighter Bandanas to California; the same red bandanas they had presented to firefighters at home in Garland. Each bright red bandana is inscribed in yellow with the text of the 91st Psalm, also known as the "Psalm of Protection", which includes the poignant Verse 14, '"Because he loves me,' says the Lord, 'I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.'"

The firefighter and police bandanas are an outgrowth of the popular Psalm 91 Military Bandanas sent to US troops worldwide in Desert camouflage and Army and Marine Digital designs. The bandanas are made and distributed under license granted by founder Jill Boyce to Randall and Carrie Calvert, founders of Springboard Agency, a full-service marketing firm known especially for product positioning and development of products for the public.

"Because of the growing popularity of the Psalm 91 bandanas, Jill thought it was time to take her effort to a new level, so she came to Springboard," Carrie Calvert said. "We will launch a new campaign to help get them to thousands more military personnel, police and firefighters."

Today, American forces worldwide wear or display the bandanas. One group of Marine supporters, The Houston Marine Moms, has sent more than 5,000 Psalm 91 military bandanas to Iraq, where troops routinely wear them.

As the flames roared on last week in southern California, firefighters on rest breaks received the bandanas from Chaplain John White, of Firefighters for Christ, based in Southern California. Firefighters for Christ contributed funds in 2005 to help present Psalm 91 bandanas to all firefighters and police in Garland. This year, people in Garland got to return the favor.

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