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Scottish government advise Duty Holders to adopt third-party-certified fire equipment

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The Scottish government has emphasised the importance of third-party certification when it comes to fire safety.

This advice - aimed at Duty Holders, who play an important fire safety role in commercial buildings and houses of multiple occupancy - comes after the Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) recommended the measures.

In order to spread the news in the fastest possible way, the authorities updated a section of the Scottish government's fire advice website FireLaw.

"Contractors should be competent and fire protection products should be fit for their purpose and properly installed and maintained. Third party certification is one method of providing a reasonable assurance of quality," the segment reads.

"Products and services that are not third-party approved are not necessarily less reliable, but third-party quality assurance can offer the comfort that products and services are fit for purpose."

Until the announcement of the new measures, the Scottish government had no recommendations regarding the use of third-party-accredited equipment in fire risk assessments.

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