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Pioneering Engineering - C-TEC extinguisher panel installed at Coop Headquarters

Published on 6 January 2009
Pioneering Engineering - C-TEC extinguisher panel installed at Coop Headquarters

C-TEC's powerful EP203 automatic extinguisher panel is now in operation in the new data server room at United Co-operatives' prestigious Headquarters at Rochdale's Sandbrook Business Park.

As the largest of the Co-op societies in the UK, with a turnover of £2.5 billion and 17,000 staff, the safety of United Co-operative's central IT equipment is essential. As computers and electronic equipment are particularly susceptible to fire and heat, it is vital they are safeguarded by the highest possible levels of fire protection equipment.

C-TEC's EP203 is at the heart of the fire protection system in the impressive new IT server room. The panel continually monitors and controls an FM200 Halo-carbon Gas Suppression System. In the event of a fire, the panel will release a fire suppressant gas to extinguish fire with minimum damage to the equipment housed within the protected area. Secondary fire detection is provided in both the room and floor voids by an aspirating smoke detection system.

Says Liam Ogden, Project Engineer at Solid State, the company which installed the system: "IT server rooms require the highest levels of protection - even a small fire can result in thousands of pounds of damage and hours of downtime from which it can be difficult to recover. The EP203 installed at United Co-operatives is configured for both automatic and manual operation, thus enabling a sensitive and rapid response to fire conditions within this critical and high value environment."

One of many of Solid State's automatic extinguisher projects, the system has been designed and installed in accordance with BS5839:2002 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Buildings, BS6266:2002 Code of practice for fire protection for electronic equipment installations and ISO14520-Extinguishing Systems.

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