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NYFRS on track to meet its 125 Alive vision by 2014

Published on 24 August 2011
NYFRS has saved 94 lives so far, which is ahead of its current target
NYFRS aims to save 125 lives by 2014 with the help of education and partnership working

NYFRS is ahead of target for the challenging vision it set in 2004 to save 125 lives, through education and partnership working, by 2014.

At this point in time in order to ensure we meet the 125 Alive* vision we needed to have saved 67 lives but current figures show that we have exceeded this target by over 20, with the total number of lives saved being 94.

For 2010/11 we performed better than the target on all of our Key Performance Indictors which are concerned with the number of people killed or injured in fires and road traffic collisions throughout the county.

We also met or exceeded 8 out of the 12 targets for the General Performance Indicators.

Chief Fire Officer Nigel Hutchinson said: “In 2004 we published a vision for NYFRS of where we wanted to take the service over the following 10 years which included some very challenging targets and I’m pleased to say that we have met and exceeded those targets relating to fires and road traffic casualties.  This has only been possible by challenging what we do and how we do it then if necessary changing the way we work.”


*The full 125 Alive visions is : “Over the 10 years to 2014, in North Yorkshire and the City of York, 125 more people will still be alive through the work of the new Fire and Rescue Service. This will be due to the Service having significantly reduced the likelihood and severity of fire and other emergencies. We will achieve this through the dedication of our staff working in partnership with other agencies in the community.”

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