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Los Padres conifer forest to make up for losses due to wildfires through restoration efforts

Now American Forests, in conjunction with the Los Padres Conifer Forests Restoration Project, are rebuilding
Deforestation and wildfires have accounted for eighty percent loss of original forests

American Forests teams up with an unlikely partner to assist their worldwide natural forest rebuilding project.

During the last century the world lost over 80% of its original forests. Deforestation and wildfires together contributed to this loss. The eradication of forests causes severe climate change, removes necessary natural resources and leads to extinction of many niches within that habitat. Los Padres Conifer Forest faced wild fires in 2006, 2007 and 2008 that wiped out almost the entire forest. The wildfires displaced the wildlife that depended on the forest habitat, causing an imbalance in surrounding ecosystems; plant diversity and vegetation was eradicated, and the air quality and natural drainage that the trees provided is damaged and lost. Now American Forests, in conjunction with the Los Padres Conifer Forests Restoration Project, are rebuilding. WeWood watches, an Italian 100% natural wood timepiece company that commits to planting one tree per watch sold, has joined the project and is now planting their first 1,000 trees. WeWood, who partnered up with American Forests two months ago, continues to collaborate on projects where massive forest restoration is needed.

Founded in 1875, American Forests is America's oldest non-profit conservation organization. Its mission is to protect and preserve forests around the world and to raise awareness of the global importance of forest ecosystems to all life forms. American Forests has been influential in establishing national forests and parks in addition to contributing to the constantly-changing development of methods to manage forest fires.

WeWood emerged out of Italy and is viewed as an emblem of eco-luxury and design, committed to the health of our planet. WeWood is the avant-garde in styling and hails sophisticated sustainability. WeWood website states, "A philosophy not implemented is only a dream." Conversely, WeWood Timepieces offer an avenue to make a difference. The WeWood philosophy continues, "One timepiece plants one tree, and together we help to ensure the health and survival of the natural world. One Watch One Tree One Planet."

These 1,000 trees are the first of many, as the partnership between American Forests and WeWood grows. The 100% natural wood, toxin free timepieces help fuse fashion and lifestyle, and the WeWood suggests that many trees will be donated in conjunction with American Forests in the near future. 

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