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Jerr-Dan First Responder Class and Emergency Recovery Demonstration wows attendees at Tow Expo International

Published on 15 July 2010
Jerr-Dan-sponsored mock emergency demonstration concluded the course
Jerr-Dan-sponsored mock emergency
demonstration concluded the course

 Towing sessions examined a host of subjects, including rigging, attachments, understanding and overcoming resistance and weight estimations. 

Jerr-Dan Corporation, an Oshkosh Corporation company and a leading manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment, provided professional tow truck operators with two educational opportunities during the recent Tow Expo International, held Apr. 20-May 1 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

An advanced cross training course designed for professional first responders  from fire, rescue and tow services offered eight hours of classroom instruction and eight hours of hands-on field training. Course attendees also participated in a two-hour mock emergency recovery demonstration that was open to all expo attendees.

Industry experts in towing, firefighting and law enforcement served as instructors for the classroom sessions that covered towing and firefighter disciplines. Towing sessions examined a host of subjects, including rigging, attachments, understanding and overcoming resistance and weight estimations. A second four-hour session focused on firefighter discipline, including first responder tact and incident command. In the hands-on field training, students gained experience in rigging, securing attachments, hydraulic tool usage and the latest techniques of cutting and dash rolling.

The Jerr-Dan-sponsored mock emergency demonstration concluded the course, serving as a final exam for course participants while engaging many of the more than 3,000 professionals who attended the expo. The demonstration included a full-blown mock incident, complete with multiple emergency vehicles and personnel. Participants had the opportunity to critique the procedures, methods and tools used. Students who successfully completed the 18-hour course earned National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Operations and Technician Level Certification.

Students achieved NFPA operations and Technician level certification after completing 18 hours course successfully

Attributable to Jeff Barbour, Director, National Sales, Jerr-Dan Corporation, Greencastle, Pa.

  • "Tow Expo International provided a wonderful opportunity to bring our message to more than 3,000 professionals in our industry and demonstrate the importance of education and coordination among all first responders, whether they be tow operators, fire fighters, rescue teams or other emergency workers. Our goal is to help save lives and open roadways as quickly, as efficiently and as safely as possible."

Attributable to Jeff Wellman, Aus-Tex Towing and Recovery, Austin, Tx.

  • "Attending the Jerr-Dan cross-training course and participating in the culminating mock emergency recovery demonstration was definitely a positive experience for me. It quickly became evident that there is always something new to learn, and this course provided many of the latest techniques that will make my work both easier and safer, particularly as I work with other rescue workers. Our ability to coordinate our efforts is critical to a successful outcome in any emergency situation. Every large towing company should undergo training with other local emergency rescue workers to ensure coordination onsite."

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