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FoxFury Lighting Solutions unveils its upgraded 4000 torch lumen Nomad 4000 LED Area-Spot Light

Published on 10 November 2011
Foxfury Lighting Solutions logo, the company specialise in lighting solutions to aide firefighters and rescue services
The Nomad has been used in blackouts, disasters, fire and rescue operations, arson investigations and crime scenes

The best rapid deployment light just got better. FoxFury Lighting Solutions announces its upgraded 4000 torch lumen Nomad 4000 LED Area-Spot Light, which is 400 lumen brighter than the Nomad 3600 released last year.

The cordless and rechargeable Nomad is a portable area light and spotlight that can travel to and function in places where other scene lights cannot.

The Nomad was designed to give first responders and photographers a compact, portable and self-sufficient quick deployment lighting tool. The Nomad's smart design offers both flood and focused light options. With built-in legs and a head that can telescope up to 8 feet tall, the Nomad functions as a powerful 8 degree spotlight with the diffuser lens detached or a 120 degree scene light with the lens attached.

The Nomad deploys in 20 seconds, has no warm-up or cool-down time and uses the latest CREE LED technology.

 Other unique features of the Nomad 4000 include:

Converts between an area light and spotlight in seconds
Self-contained rechargeable Li-ion battery system
AC or DC charge / drive
Easy to transport, stow and deploy
Silent and pollution-free operation
The Nomad provides three light intensities and 2.5 to 9 hours of light per charge. It has been used by firefighters, rescue, EMS, police, military, security, industrial safety and photographers around the world. 

"We're thrilled to offer an even brighter Nomad. The Nomad has been used in blackouts, disasters, incident command posts, rescue operations, arson investigations, crime scenes, vehicle and heavy equipment inspections, land surveying, SWAT perimeter lighting, photography, film and more. It's a versatile and incredibly handy light," said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury.

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