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Swiss town of Bellinzona procures IVECO MAGIRUS rescue vehicle for its fire brigade

Published on 4 November 2011
A new IVECO MAGIRUS rescue vehicle with crane has recently been procured by Bellinzona
The important feature of the Bellinzona rescue vehicle is the powerful and fully hydraulic loading crane fitted at the rear

Bellinzona is the main town of the canton Ticino in Italian-speaking Switzerland. Bellinzona has approx. 17,000 inhabitants and is thus the second-largest town in the canton, the largest being Lugano.

The situation of Bellinzona at the foot of the Gotthard massif and at the junction of the transeuropean routes to the alpine passes Sankt Gotthard, Lukmanier, San Bernardino and Nufenen is an important special feature of this town which also has a significant influence on the operations profile of its fire services. Technical assistance and rescue operations represent the main operative emphases for the rescue teams. In order to continue to improve their power of impact in precisely these areas, a new IVECO MAGIRUS rescue vehicle with crane has recently been procured.

The chassis for the heavy rescue vehicle, an IVECO TRAKKER 190 T 45 W with a wheelbase of 4,200 mm and a powerful 306 kW (416 HP) engine, is perfect for the mountainous, often extreme, topography around Bellinzona. A semi-automated shift gearbox EuroTronic AS with 12 speeds passes the engine power via an all-wheel differential gearbox permanently to both axles. Two hydraulic retarders function as an additional braking system; two power take offs provide energy for the operation of the power generator or the rope winch and the crane. The driver's cab in the standard version offers plenty of room for three firefighters.

The body executed in modern MAGIRUS AluFire3 technology, complete with 6 equipment lockers, has been deep drawn between the axles. In combination with fold-down body steps between the axles and a mudguard step above the rear axle, an optimum removal of the device is thus possible. The roof access ladder is located on a platform fitted between the driver's cab and the body. Further large volume e stowage boxes are provided on the roof. The rope winch is particularly powerful. It is a Rotzler Treibmatic TR 80/6 2-Speed with a nominal pulling force of 80 kN. The rope winch has a single pull forward and a double pull towards the rear. When subjected to a pull load, this results in a doubling of the pulling power towards the rear.

The installed 40-kVA power generator works with 1500 revolutions at very low noise, which facilitates communication during operation and improves the working conditions for firefighters. The operation and control of the generator is effected on the safe side facing away from traffic via the clearly arranged MAGIRUS HMI control unit. The light mast is pneumatically extendable, electrically rotatable and inclinable and equipped with 4 x 1,500 watt halogen floodlights. For direct lighting all around the vehicle, an effective continuous surround lighting exists along the longitudinal sides of the vehicle.

In addition to a signal horn and front flash lights, the rescue vehicle is secured by a continuous double flash bar. At the rear warning lights in the AluFire3 design are integrated in the body corners. In addition there is a MAGIRUS traffic warning system at the rear, complete with a power LED in orange. The comprehensive equipment load complies with the rescue vehicle standard DIN 14 555, but is augmented by additional equipment items in accordance with local tactical requirements. All equipment is stored in an unloading-friendly manner by means of robust and long-lived fixtures.

The most important special feature of the Bellinzona rescue vehicle is the powerful and fully hydraulic loading crane fitted at the rear of the vehicle. The Palfinger PK 12502 crane features a lift moment of 119 kNm at 12.1 m, a hydraulic range of 14.8 m with fivefold extension and a swivelling range of 420 degrees. It can be remote-controlled by radio and is provided with a headlight at the crane end as well as a rope winch on the crane. For a rope length of 65 m, a 24.5 kN (2.550 kg) pulling force applies to the 1st layer. Two hydraulic jacks provide for a jacking width of 6.6 m. As an alternative to the load hook, it is possible to fit an electrically rotatable multi-bowl gripper KM 650, complete with 6 full bowls, to the crane tip.

All in all, the new heavy IVECO MAGIRUS rescue vehicle of the "Pompieri Bellinzona" is a "mobile workshop" or a "self-driven working machine", which ideally supplements the existing technology and will provide excellent service during technical assistance operations of any type.

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