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FOGTEC heralds its safety flag at Security 2010 in Essen

Published on 30 September 2010
Fogtec's water mist system are being installed in modern day buildings apart from historical architectures
Grand National Technical Library in Prague is equipped with FOGTEC's high pressure water mist system

High-pressure water mist systems from FOGTEC are becoming more and more prevalent in archives, libraries, museums, theaters and concert halls.

At the Security 2010 trade fair for safety and fire protection technology, held from 5-8 October 2010 in Essen, FOGTEC presented its innovative water mist systems for fighting fire in buildings, industrial facilities, tunnels and trains.

The primary focus of the trade fair exhibit was fire-fighting systems that use high-pressure water mist, which represent an intelligent alternative to sprinklers and gas extinguishing systems. The latest example for the use of this new technology is Moers Castle, one of the oldest buildings in Moers, Germany, a city in the lower Rhine valley. "Because the castle houses valuable artifacts and contains historical wooden floors and numerous special architectural features, a conventional fire-fighting system was out of the question," said Rüdiger Kopp, Sales Manager and Product Manager at FOGTEC.

The alternative was an automatic system that was installed in the entire building and is capable of being activated only in the areas where a fire has broken out. The nozzles release high-pressure mist that cools the air and displaces oxygen, thereby controlling and containing the fire. "The high-pressure mist system protects objects against the effects of excessive heat while avoiding the water damage that conventional sprinkler systems cause," Kopp explained. "Another advantage is that it was possible to install the system discreetly in the historic building, with minimum space requirements. That means it doesn't ruin the historical charm and authentic character of the castle," he added.

Security 2010, Essen showcased some of the most prolific security products of the industry

The new FOGTEC technology is not only suitable for historical buildings, but also; these high-pressure water mist systems are becoming more and more prevalent in archives, libraries, museums, theaters and concert halls. For example, FOGTEC systems have been installed in the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg and the ultra-modern National Technical Library in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

High-pressure mist systems require very little water, so it is possible to use small pipes that can be incorporated discreetly into the architecture of the building. Thanks to their low weight, the FOGTEC fire-fighting systems are also suitable for retrofitting constructions with low bearing capacity, as is often the case in historical buildings. "Here we have developed a technology that is highly efficient and which also satisfies sophisticated architectural and aesthetic requirements," Kopp emphasized. "And on top of everything else, this system is not hazardous to people or the environment, since it uses nothing but pure, clean water." 

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