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First Response All Calls™ vehicle introduced by Crimson Fire at FDIC 2010

Published on 26 April 2010
Crimson's First Response All Calls™ Vehicle was introduced at FDIC 2010
The FRAC features a new pumper and integrated pump

First Response All Calls™(FRAC) vehicles on display featured fire suppression and command modules, two of the many uses that will allow emergency-response departments to customise the FRAC specifically to their needs.

Crimson Fire, Inc. unveiled a production-ready version of its new First Response All Calls™ vehicle at the FDIC 2010 show, a unique, multi-purpose vehicle that gives departments broad fire-fighting, emergency-response and command capabilities.

Crimson Fire, which is a subsidiary of Spartan Motors, Inc., displayed the FRAC at Booth 2433 during the Fire Department Instructors Conference, the fire-rescue industry's largest trade show. The FRAC featured fire suppression and command modules, two of many uses that will allow emergency-response departments to customize the FRAC specifically to their needs.

The new FRAC will also feature Crimson Fire's new pumper with integrated pump, which eliminates the pump house by moving the pump and manifold system just forward of the rear wheels while improving maneuverability and increasing storage space. 

"Fire and rescue departments are increasingly being asked to respond to more - and more varied - kinds of calls," said Kevin Crump, president of Crimson Fire. "When budgets get compressed, people must utilize equipment that has greater flexibility and increased operational scope. As its name denotes, the First Response All Calls vehicle is exactly that: an affordable vehicle with flexible design that will allow emergency-rescue personnel to handle whatever comes their way."


FRAC vehicle has gone through extensive industry testing and feedback 

Crimson Fire first introduced a concept version of the FRAC at FDIC in 2008. Since then, the vehicle has gone through extensive industry testing and feedback, allowing the Company to refine and improve the design. Departments can choose from command center, fire suppression, personnel transport and rescue modules.

Built on a Spartan Furion chassis, the FRAC is highly customizable. Departments can select from more than a dozen configurations to create a vehicle flexible enough to meet the duty requirements of their communities.

The FRAC features:

  • Crimson Fire's new pumper with integrated pump configuration, a 1,250 GPM PTO integrated pump that will free up more than 130 cubic feet of much-needed compartment space and improve handling and performance with a shorter wheelbase
  • 125 CFM compressed air foam system, or CAFS 
  • Water tank with 250 gallon capacity
  • Aluminum construction with multiplex electrical system
  • NFPA 1901 initial attack apparatus compliant

Depending on the configuration, the FRAC can perform more than a dozen functions, including:

  • Pumper
  • Rescue
  • Amb ulance or patient transport
  • Command and control
  • HazMat
  • Lighting
  • Equipment support
  • Aerial waterflow
  • Mountain or river rescue
  • ATV transport
  • Rehab

The new FRAC will be built on a Spartan Furion® chassis with a 168.5 inch wheelbase and a CAT C7 330 hp diesel engine. The FRAC will feature a command module in the rear.

"The lines between fire, rescue and ambulance departments have been blurred for a long time," Crump said. "The FRAC delivers a broad spectrum of capabilities in a single, affordable vehicle. Forced to make tough budget decisions, departments can choose the versatile FRAC to have one vehicle that meets their many demands."

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