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Kimtek exhibits FIRELITE Foam Systems at FDIC 2010

Published on 23 April 2010


Kimtek's fire foam systems have marvellous fire fighting qualities
Foam systems boost the effectiveness of water to fight fires

Kimtek exhibited its  FIRELTE Foam Systems at FDIC 2010.

At FDIC 2010, Kimtek exhibited its integrated "around-the-pump" foam system that enhances fire fighting capabilities of its FIRELITE units, providing firefighters greater effectiveness in remote or off-road firefighting situations. The rugged, lightweight FIRELITE wild land fire skid units offer quality construction at an affordable cost with foam systems designed for fast, flexible application.

Foam systems enhance water's effectiveness for fire suppression by not only helping cool the fire as water does, but foam also coats the fuel to prevent contact with oxygen. Foam systems increase the usefulness of the limited water carrying capacity of smaller skid-type fire units with expansion rates from less than 20 to more than 200 times depending on the application. Around-the-pump systems offer the advantages of variable flow rate, variable pressure, no back pressure restrictions so the unit is not affected by hose length or elevation loss and no nozzle restrictions: any size or type of nozzle can be used.



Kimtek's foam systems supplement FIRELITE units for better fire suppression

At the heart the FIRELITE'S foam system is the Scotty 4071 "Around-the-Pump" Foam Eductor/Mixer with integrated foam tank. The Scotty 4071, mounted between the discharge and suction side of the Darley-Davey® pump is a simple around-the-pump unit to educt foam concentrate into hose lines. The unit is adjustable, permitting various foam ratio percentages to be educted depending on the nozzles being used.


Both the FIRELITE FDH-10 skid unit for UTV's and the larger FIRELITE FDHP-10 skid unit for pick-up trucks are constructed of bright aluminum diamond plate with an aluminum tubing sub-frame. The units feature a stationary Darley-Davey® two stage high pressure pump with all metal piping and valves, a baffled poly tank, with integrated sight gauge, and a Hannay series 4000 electric rewind reel with booster hose.

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