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Road Rescue unveils Critical Care Transport Ambulance at FDIC 2010

Published on 23 April 2010
The new ambulance by Road Rescue has advanced life saving capabilities
The newly displayed ambulance by Road Rescue is equipped to tackle critical medical situations

Built on a Furion Chassis, the New Ambulance Serves as an Emergency Room on Wheels. The ambulance was exhibited at FDIC 2010.

Road Rescue, Inc. unveiled a new "emergency room on wheels" as it made its debut by exhibiting Critical Care Transport vehicle at the fire-rescue industry's biggest trade show.

Road Rescue, which is a subsidiary of Spartan Motors, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPAR), will showcase the new ambulance, which serves as a mobile neo-natal or intensive care unit, at Booth 2432 during the Fire Department Instructors Conference, which runs through April 24 in Indianapolis, Ind. Built on a Furion® chassis from Spartan Chassis, this new version of the Ultramedic is designed to operate in a high-density urban area to deliver extremely specialized, pre-hospital medical care to the patient onboard.

"Our new Critical Care Transport brings a high level of intensive care to patients in the field," said Dave Reid, senior vice president, Emergency Response Vehicles for Spartan Motors. "Whether transporting a premature newborn or handling triage after a hurricane, the Critical Care Transport carries the medical equipment needed to care for the most critically ill and medically fragile patients. "We feel that the new Critical Care Transport is the finest provider of pre-hospital medical care available today on the market."

The modular body of the Critical Care Transport is self-contained and capable of operating independently from the chassis in the event of a vehicle breakdown or accident. This allows emergency-response personnel to continue to deliver life saving support.

Modular body of ambulance provides it with enough flexibility and capability

The unit can carry enough medical equipment to sustain ground operations for longer periods than traditional ambulances. The Critical Care Transport can be equipped with:

  • Satellite communication system
  • Multiple oxygen or compressed air tanks
  • Redundant electrical systems
  • Patient and cot lifts
  • Isolettes for premature infants
  • Generators or inverters to create either 12-volt AC or 12-volt DC power
  • Special heat and air conditioning
  • Refrigerators

The new Critical Care Transport will be built on a Furion chassis from Spartan Motors. Introduced in 2007, the Furion is a purpose-built cab and chassis specifically designed for the emergency-response industry. It features a 94-inch galvanized steel cab designed for safety, roominess and maneuverability.

"The Furion provides an excellent foundation for the new Critical Care Transport," said John Sztykiel, president and CEO of Spartan Motors. "Not only does the Furion provide a rugged, dependable and performance-oriented chassis, it does so at a very attractive price point that will resonate with dealers and customers alike.

"This is a large and strategic step for Spartan. In the fire truck market today, more than 50 percent of all units ride on a custom chassis - a market we were instrumental in creating. We are very focused on leveraging this strength and developing custom chassis for the ambulance market, as virtually no vehicles are currently built on custom chassis."

Uses for the new Critical Care Transport include:

  • Cardiac transport
  • Neo-natal care
  • Backup to emergency helicopters in the event of poor weather conditions
  • On-call for large or state police dispatch centers
  • Natural disaster support
  • Mobile medical clinics


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