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Fire and Rescue Services need resources to tackle emergencies

Fire Brigade Union demands for enough resources with the Fire Rescue Services to combat fire hazards and emergencies.
FBU demands a legal change to guarantee resources with fire and rescue services to tackle emergencies

FBU demanded for change in law to ensure fire crews have right equipments to face emergencies.

As firefighters tackle flooding in Cornwall, the Fire Brigades Union have demanded a change in law to ensure fire crews have the right equipment to tackle such emergencies.

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary said: “Firefighters have again acquitted themselves with distinction in rescuing people during the floods in Cornwall. They fully deserve the praise from the public and politicians.”

But the floods in Cornwall have once again shown up the lack of equipment available to firefighters to tackle these emergencies. A year on from the Cumbria floods and three years after the 2007 floods, firefighters are still waiting for a change in the law to ensure they have the boats, the suits and the other equipment needed to help the public.

The government should stop equivocating and implement the Pitt Review’s recommendation, to make fire and rescue services duty-bound to respond to floods. The government should hand over the £2m promised to the fire and rescue service to ensure it is ready for the next flood emergency.

“More flooding is expected this winter. There is no room for cuts in the fire and rescue service. The frontline has to be protected. People expect their firefighters to be there in any emergency. The government is playing with people’s lives.”

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